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A letter for Doran

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:17 pm
by Littleben
The courier, coming from the Bright City, was escorted to where the Orcs lived and had the name ‘Doran’ as the acquaintance he should meet with. He was a druid that Fern had met when fighting the Soul-less and was the best bet at getting the support of the Orcs. The escorted courier eventually found Doran and handed over the letter. It reads:


It has been a long while since we met, I hope you remember a small human like me from when we fought against the Soul-less. I hear you have spire in your name within the land of the Bright City - quite the monument it would appear! I write to ask for your support on behalf of the orcs to help stop wrongdoers across Pargon by setting up a network between the nations so we can work together. Will you help be a part of this?

Fernando Thistle