Things to do: 2) Get some GOOD followers

The lands of the Frozen North were sundered but even now the waters refreeze and people eke out an existence

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Things to do: 2) Get some GOOD followers

Postby Ben » Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:54 pm

Several miles north of Sinya Palurin, at the bottom of the ocean, water bubbled and boiled as it tried desperately to flee something that was moving north.

He looked like an Efreet, his whole form burning so brilliantly that water could not get close without flash boiling forming a bubble of air several yards around him. Not that he needed air any more.

There were lots of undead down here but those without enough sentience to get away from him went the same way as the water making the bubble slightly less fragrant.

Eventually he located what he was looking for, a stone figure. The last time he had seen it had been frozen in a pose of defiance with a hint of shock, this time the face showed pain...even terror...and was lacking a leg.

He looked at the statue for a moment...there was a way to remove magic wasn't there? A way to destroy spells...he just couldn't quite remember what it was. Metamagic was calm...he shrugged, it didn't matter. Aquilla was a creature of Air and Water surrounded in seemed logical that Fire would restore the balance here, as he'd once been informed at the university "everything burned, everything.

He started small, a dozen fire barrages struck the statue without leaving a mark. He looked like this would be a challenge. He waved his hand and twenty fire lances struck the stone from all angles...once more, nothing. He took a deep breath and clapped his hand and fifty divine conflagrations burst across the statue but still it stood, unaffected. Annoying.

He walked around the statue, his form glowing hotter than ever, the dome of steaming, boiling water being pushed back further and further. He would need something more powerful..,ah yes...of course.

He'd seen it just a month before, a great explosion powerful enough to destroy anything. He thought back to it, witnessed it this time as a god rather than an immortal, took the power apart and suddenly he knew how to do it. It was simple. Suddenly within his hand was a box, a box which began to flash and then seconds later exploded.

Everything within 80 feet was instantly obliterated, water, plants, fish, everything burned and every undead creature within a mile joined it in destruction. Quayle looked back to where the statue had stood and instead looked down at the figure of an Elf. It was Aquilla but it was not Aquilla for he was no longer an Elf of the Storm, the water in him had been destroyed and replaced with fire...

"You are no longer Aquilla. You are now Razorwind, Paladin of Quaos, first elf of the most destructive elements, air and fire."
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