a forgotten army crippled again

The lands of the Frozen North were sundered but even now the waters refreeze and people eke out an existence

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a forgotten army crippled again

Postby Damiensluman » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:56 am

In the slowly refreezing north sit two small igloos.

In an instant a figure emerges from one igloo and vanishes into the other. Inside three people sit around a scrap of animal hide. The first is a cloaked figure, his face hidden in shadow. The second is a winter elf clad in exquisite cloth and finally a water elf wrapped from head to toe in thick fur.

The hooded figure speaks.
”We came so close to our goal only to have it crushed by the very essence of destruction. Our great city was nearing completion and our forces stood strong but now our numbers aren’t even in double figures. We are crippled once again but this time instead of glooms we were destroyed by Velnashar himself. Our brothers and sisters who fell will not be forgotten we will restock our numbers and rebuild Traditio Quod Interficio.”
He turns to the winter elf.
”Elxes you shall scour these lands for survivors. Bring them to us we will swear them in and see to it that they are well fed and suitably clothed.”
Next he turns to the water elf.
”As for you I wish you to tread outside the frozen north, I have a plan that will quickly refresh our numbers. We are to become a mercenary company. There are plenty of people willing to lay down their lives for a good meal and extra cash. Before you do this though, I need you to find any surviving nobles or rich merchants looking for protection against raiders and bandits. This will provide us with work. There is only one rule: no humans.”
Both the elves bow their heads before leaving.

Three days later the following notices appear in non-human towns and villages.

The new Elven free company are openly recruiting for mercenaries to join our ranks.
Full equipment provided, three meals a day supplied.
Rava paid for services in the field.
Interested parties should leave a contactable location on the bottom of this poster and we will contact you.

The Elven Free Company

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