The Far East, almost unheard from since the world came close to destruction

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Dancing Ink marched into the Arbatim office with purpose and pomp. His draped robes trailed behind him and his aide struggled not to trip as he rushed to make note of anything the Imperial said.

"Where is Ten Tigers Arbatim, I require him to fill out a report on his last trip to the mainland concerning trade routes. It is of the utmost importance to the emp…”

“He isn’t here.” Thirty Dragons interrupted. A large brute of a man from the less civilised clans, he hunched over his tiny desk fingering through dirty troop reports.

Dancing Ink snorted, tapping his pen against his book, still hanging in the doorway as if he might catch something by entering the office fully.

Well where is he then? He leaves in a week for the mainland again. These reports are extremely important”

“He’s out looking” Thirty Dragons had a deep voice, all the savage clans probably had them. Disgusting.

“Looking for what?” An obvious question, how irritating that he had to voice it out loud.

“For his soul…”


Dull blades! - the outlands were cold! Ten Tigers had forgotten how hard it could rain out here. He’d also forgotten half of the curses from his youth but the saturated mud on the ground had reminded him soon enough. Boots slick, coat ruined and still he couldn’t find it.

An instinct called him to the right, just a blur through the canes of bamboo and thin trees. The chase began.

Ten Tigers sprinted as fast as the ground would allow, pushing through the canes and letting the natural pull guide him. It was as if the sword hummed at his side.
The chase went on and on, through clearing and stream and field. He felt like he was gaining on it, but couldn’t be sure, the first time he had done this was completely different; he had been younger, better prepared, and far more stupid.

The creature he was chasing dashed through a final copse of trees and then stopped in a sodden clearing standing in the middle. Ten Tigers, exhausted, walked behind keeping a fair distance and a close eye.

His Kami looked like it had before, a young girl with old eyes, no corporeal form. Now however, its hair was black where it had been fair, her nails were sharp and her eyes, which had seemed old by their wisdom, where now aged with the grudges of the world.

Ten Tigers, by default, bowed. The girl smiled.
He tried smiling back. She frowned.
He took a step forward. She took a step back.
He yelled. She whispered.
He whispered. She yelled.
Held held up his sword… she held up a finger…

The reforging of the blade had altered his Kami, the influence of destruction and fire had created something elemental, fickle and destructive.

For a moment she looked at Ten Tigers playfully and then her expression changed to that of spite and rage and hate. There was a reason she brought him here and if he hadn’t been so eager to catch up he would have realised it. They were further north than he wanted… this was where the demons hid.

They entered the clearing silently, three peasants, 6 sets of claws. Both Ten Tigers and his Kami spat at the same time. She crouched and snarled, almost catlike. The irony wasn’t lost on the Furious Blade but now was not the time.

Destroy them Arbatim. Destroy them all.
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