The Lucky Sea Lion banned from Serke Kemi

The Far East, almost unheard from since the world came close to destruction

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The Lucky Sea Lion banned from Serke Kemi

Postby Luke » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:09 pm

One Hundred Quills unwrapped his parchment with nervous hands. In the silent room the paper cracked and flapped with each tiny movement, a cacophony in his ears.

Time to put that famous confidence to the test.

Your Untouched Grace…

He flicked his eyes up for a moment, but even still could see little with his head bowed. Nine men and women kneeled before a screen, an assortment of heights, weights, weapons and armours. The Empress’ arbatim stood vigil. It was bad luck to have a strange number like nine, but One Hundred Quills wasn’t about to argue.

I read a report from Ten Tigers Arbatim from the Sullied Lands. He reports first that he is alive. Second that five demons were slain in your name. Third that the use of magic has yet again weakened and dirtied their civilisations. He claims that through the use of a magic circle a group of adventurers were sucked into a different realm, one they claimed to be created by the Furious Master.

One Hundred Quills paused, he couldn’t believe he had to read this utter trash to the most pure woman in the world. Surely she’d have him executed for reading her lies. He continued.

They fought their way out, destroying many demons. He has sent some claws as proof. During this time he was insulted, stabbed, and even an attempt to poison him was made. He claims to have survived it all, with help, but has asked that a ship called The Lucky Sea Lion and its crew be banned from the Jade Isle.

The softest lightest whisper wafted on the air. He couldn’t hear it well and he almost tried to ignore it, he had to ignore it but he couldn’t. He needed to hear. Think of the honour and the prestige, of the money he would receive telling the tale! Thirty Dragons, sat closest to the screen inclined his head and then announced.


One Hundred Quills nearly forgot his place and protested, luckily he did not.

Finally Ten Tigers Arbatim has brought some advice back from the Sullied Lands. He claims that if you draw a line in the sand anywhere in the path of adventurers, they will stop and cowardly discuss what it may mean for a considerable time. He claims this could be essential if any conflict in the future occurs.

He bowed even lower. And then left. He made it exactly ten steps outside the audience chamber before he felt a sharp hot sensation in both his ears. He span round and saw a masked man, one of the arbartim. His black mask grinning at him. The hidden man pulled a quill from the scribes sleeves and a piece of paper writing a short simple message.

One Hundred Quills severed ears fell to the ground at the same time as the paper, on which said only.

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