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Postby Luke » Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:01 am

Pain exploded through Ten Tigers. It threatened to make him forget himself. The agony was sharp and then consistently blunt - a sword wound being twisted, a hammer blow to the back of the head.

A trap.

He should have seen it coming. That Imperial, claiming he followed Her orders.

Ten Tigers Kami had screamed when it happened, in frustration or confusion he was not sure. She felt the pain and anger and fear that he did. Now it was over, but tomorrow it would happen again. Strange symbols danced in front of his vision, they made him feel sick.

What did they mean?

His mind wandered, and the images crept back in, images that betrayed him. A dark dungeon. No. Just a room. A demonic book. No. Just a book.

Another explosion of pain, one that no Serkanian was powerful enough to resist.

What had he done to deserve this torture? He had done everything they, She, had asked.

A room. A book. A man. His tools.

He would remember that room, this torture, those evil symbols, for the rest of his life. His mind dragged it through pain to the forefront of his mind.

This, Ten Tigers, is the letter 'A'

The Serkanian looked at twenty five other symbols on the page...

Fuck. That.
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