Five Anvils that was

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Five Anvils that was

Postby andrewbucknell » Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:26 am

I wish it known that the man formally known as five anvils is no longer worthy of such a name.

He has destroyed one of the nine elemental demons present on this plane with only some cursory assistance from a mage known as RnR. The demon destroyed was the demon of water. (The other eight still remain at large.)

As a result of this brave and successful undertaking he should henceforth be known as twenty anvils.

Further he has earned the accolade of the title of Demonbane which should be added after his name.

Twenty Anvils, Demonbane I salute you.

Shisou Yuurei
Daimyo phoenix Dragon clan of Serke Kemi

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