Pacts are Good.

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Pacts are Good.

Postby Peter Levy » Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:58 pm

How about it then? Deal? An Accord? Agreement? A... Pact?


Fine... But with your poor Father falling, you really are in a strange predicament, you and your brothers... And what with the passing of Betrayal's power from your dear departed daddy, one of your brothers finally saw the value of it...

**Not even slightly trying to conceal his delight, the Fey Lord of Death directed the Auger's gaze to the mask hanging from his belt. Silent Death, Angel of Velnashar, permanent member of the Court of Death.**

He was a fool.
Oh, come now, that's unfair... Steel and Storm was even more willing. Without his precious Order, who else could he turn to. I'm not asking much, just join with me. I can keep you safe, maintain your late papa's legacy.
Damn you, Fey! Enough! I don't know what lies you told them, or what truth there is in what you've told me, but I can guarantee you will not make a pact with me.
Everyone says that at first. It won't be long before you join, mark my words, Scorched Earth. When your other brother gets here, I'll be here. I can step in...

**The Auger's anger subsides. For a second there's a flash of what could almost be considered fear across his face.**

Surely he would not come here.
Oh he is, little Angel, he is. In triplicate. The Usurper of your father's throne! Here! Three of Him! And he, they are not best pleased...

**A moment's silence. The two beings stared through each other. In a way, they both seemed to recognise the desperation in each other.**

I need you.
Without you, the others will die too. They need you. Only then will this place be truly safe for us.
And Kan Slaar?
He is still god of this land... He'll do just fine.

**And with that, the last Angel of Velnashar gave his power to the Fey. The shadowy rock beneath his feet began to glow a radiant orange as the heat of the sun flowed into the Fey Lord.**

Splendid. Splendid.

**He raised the mask to his face. White, studded, a black star over one eye. His body vanished, the mask remained. Slowly it faded from view.**

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Peter Levy
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Re: Pacts are Good.

Postby Peter Levy » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:43 am

**A lumbering beast; long claws, tattered fur, all dripping with blood tugged at the chains as he led his master to it. Another taint to cleanse.**

Slow down, would you? It's not like we have to hurry...

**The creature turned to Death and snarled through broken teeth.**


Fair point... Fine, to the 'shrine'. Probably more like a well... On Velmaneth theirs lead to the Jewel, down here it led to Velnashar... But, he's gone now.

**They continued their walk.**

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