Pacts are weak.

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Pacts are weak.

Postby Peter Levy » Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:31 pm

**Two figures sat together at a table, a small chessboard laid out before them. Spirits of the fallen, and those borne of the Wastes watched as the pale figure moved his pawn forward. The darker figure smiled, leaning in towards his opponent. He moved a pawn up beside it, as bait, or perhaps a sacrifice. The paler figure frowned slightly.**

I don't think you're taking this seriously, Death.

**The darker figure kept smiling. The paler figure rubbed his lip over a fang, and moved a second piece.**

Now, let's not be silly, this is a very serious business. But clearly I am not here for chess. I have a job for you.

**The paler figure leant back in his chair, and paused for a second. He blinked a slow, cautious blink. Suddenly, his face was filled with rage.**

HOW DARE YOU! I am the Lord of this place, who are you to speak with me this way? You have treated me with such utter disrespect, which I have, for whatever reason tolerated. But no more! I will the Fey banished from the Hopewastes.

**A dark power built up inside the Vampire, and the darker figure stopped smiling for a second. He slowly leaned in towards Kan Slaar, meeting his glowing red eyes with his blue stare. He cast a necklace around the Vampire. A large bejewelled skull on a chain.**


This, dear friend is your job for me. You may call yourself Lord of the Hopewastes, but know this: you cannot banish my court from their home. The Hopewastes are as the Fey realm to us, and you can never stand in our way.

**Kan Slaar tugged at the necklace, but it would not budge, it would not break. He almost looked panicked.**

But, let's not get back into threats. I have a final pact to make with you.

No. No more.

Oh, I'm afraid it's much too late for you to decide. I've made the decision for you! No need to thank me, I'll be happy enough when it is done.

What? How can that be?

You know as well as any that Fey magic will always favour the Fey, trust me, you have already accepted this pact.


By wearing the necklace, of course.

But you put that on me!

But the nature of the agreement is that by wearing the necklace you will accept my offer. You must surely acknowledge and accept these terms.

Do I have much of a choice?

No, sir. None.

Fine, I accept the terms...

Splendid! Well, thank you for that, I guess I'll be off then!

WAIT! What are you up to? You haven't told me what the pact is.

Oh yes. Why should I tell you? You have already accepted my terms.

I had no choice, you said so!

Yes I did, didn't I. I lied. You've always a choice. But you accepted the terms, and my lovely gift, so it no longer matters what you think I'm up to.

You will not take the Wastes from me.

**There was pause as both men stood and tilted their heads, eyeing each other up. The Fey smiled.**

You are quite correct. In fact, I am giving them back to you. With this pact, you will be assured the power of full control of this place, and a true seat in the Pantheon. Just bind the power of the Hopewastes to that pendant. When it is charged, it will fall from your neck. Then you must hide it. Hide it even from me.


Come your annual celebration of having to give up souls, challenge the fallen to find it, and three others like it. When that is complete, I will have the power to ascend you to complete godhood, and it shall be done.

And what do you gain? I shan't even ask how you will achieve what you claim...

How is easy, it is the same as the why. The Fey are the gatekeepers to all worlds, but we hadn't yet found a gate to this one. But I have. My court will become the gatekeepers for those wishing to enter the Wastes or beyond. Some heroes were brought here by the blackscales, and I have kept part of their gate open. But I need your help to complete this.

What will stop you letting everyone out?

Tell me not to, and I shan't, you're wish is my command...

**The Vampire, Kan Slaar, walking-god of the Hopewastes. He was always looked down on by the other gods. But no Fey could claim such power, surely.**

How can you promise what you do?

Words are easy, I can say I promise anything. Make a pact, and I have to fulfil that promise... Gatekeepers to all worlds, including the realms of faith. I can grant you access to the highest power. If you will bind the power of the Hopewastes to that charm, and hide it from me, I shall then be able to grant you access to this divine power.

And will you?

Oh, this I will.

Very well then. Now get out, and don't bother me until I call for you.

But what about our game?

I'm not in the mood any longer.

Fair enough. I've won anyway.

You've moved one piece!

**Kan Slaar looked down at the board. The white king is his only piece, and he is surrounded. Checkmate. He looked up, snarling, but Death had vanished.**


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