Pacts Are Over.

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Pacts Are Over.

Postby Peter Levy » Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:21 pm

**A man, nervous, desperate even found himself in the Hopewastes. The last few words still ringing in his mind. He had to find Death. He looked down at his had, and found the necklace still about him. The air around it seemed to warp and shimmer. The eyes of nearby spirits were drawn to this new arrival. He ran.**

And just where do you think you're going?

**Before him stood the dark form of Death. This was not like other Fey; his skin was blackened, power almost exuded from him. Not the sparkly, avoidable types that he'd previously known.**

How did you get this?

**The Fey lord stretched out a corroded bronze sword to the man's trembling hand.**

Speak, and I may not hurt you.

**The man opened his hand, offering the charm to Death.**

I... I was given it. It belongs to someone called Death.
Indeed it does. That is me. Who gave it to you?
A.. Fey. Desire. He promised me more! More of that sweet nectar...
Promised you? Ha! Did you make a pact with him?
Of course. Yet now I am in this infernal place. He betrayed me!
Honestly, you're all the same. Did you agree a time period? An exact quantity? Did you agree locations, conditions, contingencies?

No? Well then, I have little sympathy... Careful what you wish for.
He said I should find you. Give you this, and I would be rewarded...
Very well, I shall reward you.
Oh thank you!
Give me that.

**The man hands him the necklace and falls to his knees.**

Please return me...
But you said you would reward me!
Yes. But I've changed my mind.
Please! I'll do anything...
Oh, really. This old act? Please...

I need it.
Fine. If it'll shut you up, go!But I have a job for you.

**The Fey lord whispers his orders to the man. Perhaps a couple of words could almost be made out by those with sharper hearing: 'under' and 'Harold' or similar. The man stands, and Death returns the necklace to him.**


**The man fades from the Wastes.**

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Re: Pacts Are Over.

Postby Huw » Tue Oct 09, 2012 2:15 pm

Unnoticed, the bottle - or memory of a bottle - twitches and something dissapates around the stopper. It would open much help as that would be.
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