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**He found himself here again. Dead, again. It was as though he'd only been to three places ever. He'd done everything he'd been asked to, but still he'd failed to survive. So, here he is for the rest of eternity. One last trip to Little Piddling, one little encounter with... whatever that thing was, and now the Wastes. Forever, without that sweet, beautiful elixir.**

It's just not fair.
No. It isn't.

**A whisper came from behind him. He turned to find a black, humanoid form, with a white face. The face seemed solid; a mask; while the body was ethereal and flowing. At what could have been its right hand was clasped a sword. The sword appeared to be dripping with bronze. Not magic as such, more like liquid metal.**

Wh... Who are you?
Names matter not.
Wh... What do you want?
My desires matter not.
Wh... Why are you here?
An arrangement was made. The deal was broken.
But... I put the posters up, I went to that place. It's not my fault!
Blame matters not.

**The figure raises the sword behind his head, and the man falls to his knees in defeat. He knows what is coming.**

Wh... What are you?
I am the consequence for disobedience. I am what remains when destruction is gone. I was borne of fear. I adapted through death. I learned of consequence, of theft and betrayal, of dominance and power. I have soaked up the last drops of the apocalypse of Velnashar. I am more than death, and I am no longer silent.

**He swung down on the man, who felt his very soul freeze, and fade. The masked swordsman turned and walked away. As he drifted into the darkness, he seemed almost to remove the mask, and a solid, real form walked away.**

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