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He opened his eyes for a second, seeing a blur of red fabric and a blade of flame before his soul was torn out and he found himself here. Damn. He checked his top pocket: it was still there. His last seed. He knelt down, and pushed the small silvery nut into the black soil. He checked the inside of his robe: it was still there, although he could tell just by the weight of it. A strange talisman. He held it out in front of him; a dark stone carved bird.

"Tomorrow's angel, today's abomination, a prison carved in stone"

He had his theories. Perhaps he could test them. For now, it was enough that more had gained the insight they needed to protect themselves. The Cult were foolish to have kept it to themselves all this time, a problem shared is a problem halved. The seeds would be planted, at least one of them should grow. Dimitri Tyler walked through the Wastes to find "today's abomination".

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