The Night of the Nearly Living 162

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The Night of the Nearly Living 162

Postby Peter Levy » Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:28 pm

The day is approaching. The one day each year that the usual rules for returning to life are suspended: no sacrifice of soul, essence and experience need be made. For a short period, the gateway to Velmaneth is opened, and any who have proved themselves worthy may claim back their former selves; restored to life.

But something is awry. The gateway usually begins to be visible around now, a few days before the Night of the Nearly Living. This year, however, the magic has changed. This year, the gateway is absent. Its power can still be sensed not in a place, but in an individual... A Fey.

The Fey Lord 'Death' has outgrown his position as balance to the living Fey. He has outgrown Kan Slaar, demi-god of the Hopewastes. It is he who now controls the portal to the realm of the living, and he has set some new rules:

There will be four challenges. Each challenge will involve retrieving an object from somewhere. When all four objects are brought to him, one person from within the successful challengers will be asked to name four people. Any four. There four people will be restored to life.

The spirits of the Wastes are unnerved. Some have predicted the end of the world will fall upon this Night. Those willing to brave the Fey's challenges begin to make their way to his Court, waiting for their opportunity to be revived.

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