A dark corner

Where the dead live on (dead characters only)

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A dark corner

Postby Erynion » Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:45 pm

The day after Erynion had accepted deaths challenges to try and escape the Hope Wastes, he found him self hiding in a dark corner. He had spent the night before hiding for most of it, watching and waiting.

He was grateful to Quale who had given him one last hour to live, not for the first time.

Live, he didn't give you an hour to live, you are dead. It was me getting the sword and Silent Death granting you permission to stay here instead of being sent to the deep

I know that, but it was almost a lot worse.

Turned out ok in the end didn't it?

Turned out ok? We are still stuck here, I need to get back, I need to get to Varya. I need to for Sir Katy and I need to for King Lenton.

Erynion looked down and pulled an old key out from his vambraces.

I will deliver this Katy, I promise.

deliver it. I doubt that, look where we are, you blew your chances of escape yesterday, if it wasn't for me cutting Dellam's hand off you wouldn't have anything to show for your troubles yesterday.

Erynion looked down at the Sword of Life the lay in Dellam's left hand.

I can't use it, because of you I can't use this incredible sword. It's a useless piece of metal to us.

Now there you are wrong, if someone like Silent Death was going offer you a way out because of the sword then just think what others would offer.

Well ok, we will try it your way, but it would have to be something incredible to trade for the Sword of life. And if you are trying anything, well I was almost cleansed of you yesterday but I got the others to stop it, next time I won't.

He spread his fel wings and took flight into the sky
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