Well that escalated quickly

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Well that escalated quickly

Postby Ben » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:04 pm

Lieutenant Lander awoke beneath a sky of grey. Odd...it had been sunlight when he stepped into the building. He stood and looked around, Sergeant Flax, Doc, Derwent and the rest were nearby although Pony was missing and they were also getting themselves to their feet but the fort was gone, though on the horizon against the mountains there was a hastily constructed series of shacks seemingly built of burnt grey wood. He turned around, taking in the scene. The earth, the rocks, the dead trees and scrub...all dead...something bad had happened.

After the men had formed up they discussed the last thing they remembered before waking up, pain, retreat...nothing else...no enemies. He had just ordered them to head towards the shacks to investigate when a piece of paper fluttered into Derwent's hand. A letter. From Grace. To the Hope Wastes. Damn.

In the rough fort they were reunited with the rest of their unit and Lander briefed the late captain with everything he could recall about the gate and what had happened before gladly reliquishing command to his superior and began helping reinforce the buildings in case of assault. Several of the men had been part of Runebreakers Rezzers (as they had become known) and knew the Wastes well, the Lieutenant made it his priority to learn everything they knew. He was just settling in to 'life' in the Hope Wastes when the scouts brought back a large metal oblong covered in runes, stones and levers. It was what had brought them all here and none of them had stepped through it.

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