Fun In The Hope wastes

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Fun In The Hope wastes

Postby Erynion » Tue Oct 01, 2013 11:14 pm

The hopewastes, so full of tormented souls and deep sadness had no effect of Quin
Infact the gloom and miserery seemed to motivate him to play tricks on and harass any one he could find
The game got much fewer laughs here than it did in the land of the living, but he didnt care as it kept him amused.

After following a demon round for most of the day copying its every action he caught a glimpse of his reflection in a puddle. This brought back memories of the mirror that would show you anything you wished to see, although not always in the way you expected. He remembered it was that mirror that he broke and stole a piece of that resulted in his death.
He remembered asking the mirror two questions, one stupid question about showing him a better jester, although he knew he would be the best one, and the second more important question he asked, to show him his god. To this the mirror showed him an image of himself.

Taking this as a sign he had a desiny he realised he would have to escape the hopewastes. He turned back to the demon had had been harassing all day, turned his head so it was horizonal and started taking

Hellllllooooo, I can see my presence here hasnt gone unoticed today and I think I can give you what you want

The demon who was visably tired from the jesters restless antics sighed and said

"What would that be"

Quin turned his head the right way up again and leapt to within a hairs width of the demons black pointly nose.

You want me to give you piece. Now I can keep this up all day and night unless you help me with something

Quin then squeezed the demons nose and made a honking noise. Before the demon could react he backflipped away to a safe distance.

The demon who was losing its temper growled

"You are beginning to anger me. Now tell me what you want to know so I can have so peace"

Quin stood on his hands and looked at the demon totally uneffected by the demons building race

I want to leave the hopewastes and return to the land of the living, well there are so many undead thats not an acurate description. How about the land ill turn to madness and insanity.

The demon smiled

"Oh theres a way but you will never make it. You will be destroyed and you wont be back. They call it the night of the nearly living dead. But as I said you wont make it."

Quin ran at him did a frontflip and screamed in his face. The demon went to attack Quin but couldnt move. Quin has cast hault on him. By the time the demon could move Quin was long gone.
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