The heart of the mountain

The mountain once known as The Cloudlit Realm, now covering The Heartlands in the centre of Pargon

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The heart of the mountain

Postby Ben » Mon Aug 06, 2012 8:51 pm

The Morne Mountain had once stood tall in the Heartlands, a blackened smoking volcano. Now it was somewhat flat and even if wasn't then you could hardly call it a mountain when compared to Mount Heart.

Within the sulfurous cavern, lava flowed around Quayle. The last time he had stood here, so long ago now, he had sacrficed Nature's Wrath to bring Singe back. It was a powerful blade and losing it had been heart wrenching, but did it compare to someone's life? He shook his head, that was a very human thought. The sword affected you and though he'd been tempted to wield it when they had reforged it in the Hope Wastes, he didn't feel he could wield it and fulfil his destiny.

Atop a rock he lay what appeared to be an arm but not made from flesh and blood but from a translucent crystalline material. Nearby, he placed a skull that looked vaguely Elven which glowed with power. He stepped upon it, crushing it into the rock and then carefully placed a few small shards of bone atop the shattered pieces of skull. Within moments the broken skull began to reform itself and he concentrated, forcing the Fey skull to accept the shard of Danahil's skull.

He waved his hand and a pile of ash rose from around the cavern and settled, joining the arm and the skull and forming the figure of a man. It seemed appropriate to use Singe's remains in this way, after all she wasn't using them and it was easier for him as lord of destruction, to shape what had once been flesh than to actually create something.

He waved his hand once more and more blackened ash coallesced from around the cavern, it still glowed with power depite everything. He summoned what remained of Nature's Wrath to his hands and held it carefully, shaping it, influsing it with power. He'd been impressed with Warryn's ability to accept fire within him and turn from diamond, he looked down at the arm, to ruby. This was for Warryn. When he took his hands away, a large ruby in the shape of a heart hovered there, pulsing with power. He allowed the heart to float down, the ash that formed the chest moving aside to allow for the new arrival to take its rightful place.

He concentrated the power Life into the skull, forcing it to accept the rest of this body as its own, the bone and ash seemed to merge and run together until they began to form a blackened skeleton. He continued to concentrate, awakening the power of earth within the diamond arm and it too merged with the skeleton, changing the whole structure into a blackened, shining mineral surrounding the heart of ruby.

He forced the power Fire into the heart, making it first pulse, then beat and then reach out burning tendrils around the skeleton of blackened diamond. Finally, he took the power of Life and made it flow through his new construction. The magic resembled a simple True Heal but he was there, holding the hand of the magic, helping it, guiding it. Organs, veins, arteries, muscles, skin, hair, everything a body needed was formed from a combination of Life, Fire and Earth magic.

Moments later, it was complete. The elf opened its...his eyes and looked around the cavern. Quayle smiled at his...why not? He was both Chaos and Destruction and what was more chaotic than the god of destruction creating something? Quayle smiled at his creation and waved his arm and the elven form disappeared.

Quayle disappeared seconds later and the cavern collapsed around him.
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