The laws of the lands.

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The laws of the lands.

Postby Sproglet » Sat Sep 20, 2008 9:27 pm

**Men head out from Uthreds office and Fort Drake wandering all over Pathway and safe parts of the Heartlands putting up notices everywhere they go.**

Code of Laws: The Free Peoples

All trials to be held in public.

Every trial must have a prosecution and defence advocate, however the relevant individuals may speak for themselves if they so choose.

One judge to sit on trial, must not be connected to the prosecution or defence in any way, will decide upon and pass sentence, will maintain order.

Five people to sit on jury, may not have any connection with any other person involved in the trial, both defence and prosecution must agree on all jury members, will decide guilt or innocence after both cases are presented and all evidence examined, for a successful conviction a majority of four votes is needed.

No one with a criminal record may be involved in an official capacity within the court unless acting as an advocate upon their own behalf.

Anyone who disrupts the proceedings of the court can be held with contempt of court and have to spend the next 24 hours in custody and pay a 5 rava fine.

Crime and Punishment: The Free Peoples

1)Murder: The unlawful killing of a sentient being.
Punishment: Your life becomes forfeit. Jail term of a minimum of 2 years.

2)Rape: Assault of a sexual nature.
Punishment: Minimum 10 year jail term, removal of sexual organs.

3)Attempted Murder: Attempting an unlawful killing of a sentient being.
Punishment: Minimum 1 year jail term. Must pay any medical costs of victim.

4)Theft: Taking property without consent.
First Offence: Fine of twice the value of the stolen item.
Second Offence: Fine of twice the value plus 3 month jail term.
Further Offences: Varying jail term of between 3 months and a year depending on severity of thefts.

5)Assault: Physical attack on a sentient being.
Punishment: Anywhere between a 10 rava fine and a 6 month jail term depending on severity of attack.

6)Manslaughter: Accidental killing of a sentient being.
Punishment: Ranging from no punishment to 2 years imprisonment,
any degree of punishment between these, including fines, is acceptable.

7)Destruction of Property: including arson.
Punishment: See punishments for theft.

8)Treason: Committing an act against the society of the free peoples.
Punishment: Death, then we come to the Hope Wastes and kill you some more.

9)The raising of Demons and Undead: Self explanatory.
First Offence: Slap on the wrist, 10 rava fine per creature.
Second Offence: Burning at the stake.
Further Offences: See treason.

10) Conspiring to Commit a Crime:
Punishment: Discretionary, based on punishments for actually
committing the crime.

11) Slavery: All forms of slavery, including magical domination.
Punishment: Hard labour, period discretionary based on severity of

12) Impersonation of a official of the People:
Punishment: Banishment, outlawing.

13) Failure to co-operate with Council authority:
Punishment: Dependant on circumstance, entirely discretionary.

14) The Handling of Stolen Goods:
Punishment: Dependant on circumstance, ranging from no
punishment up to equal to actual theft.

15) Perverting the Course of Justice:
Punishment: Discretionary, but up to the same as relevant crime, or

16) Assault an any official appointed by the council:
Punishment: Banishment and outlawing. If the assault resulted in an
unlawful killing then execution.

Exceptions: The Free Peoples

All Demons and Undead are outside of the law, they are not protected by them in anyway.

Anyone who is outlawed will not be protected by the laws of the state, they have no rights within the eyes of the law. Outlawing can be revoked by performing tasks for the state or wronged party within the trial setting.

Anyone who is banished that returns to the lands of the Free Peoples without being invited back by a member of the council will be executed on site by designated law enforcers.


These laws are enforced equally by the Council of the Free Peoples and the Haran, crossing the border will not protect you as upholders of the law will prosecute you equally from all lands.
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