North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

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North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:38 am

The rolling countryside surrounding pathway stretches out before the grey robed traveller. Totem in hand, he walks in his usual slow and steady pace but there is almost a skip in his step, an enthusiasm he did not have before as he makes his way along the road ahead. He breaths deeply and takes in all that is around him. The clear air, the sun filled sky, the sound of birds and the gentle wind upon his scales. All the things he had known all his life but had never fully felt the true impact until he had walked the plain of death itself and come out the other side. The memory’s of the darkness and despair of that place still haunted his waking moments but he knew from years of experience with the realms beyond how to push the darkness way. To let such thoughts consume you was to give them power and to be lost within them forever.
He made his way now, to a place of rest. He was tired, not just because of his ordeal in the plains of death only a few days ago, but he had been afflicted with more than just a darken memory. An intangible, invisible force was sapping his power from him. Like a monster of the mind it consumed his strength and thoughts. It was a force like none he had ever encountered before. It was beyond dark, a vicious entity, corrupt and hateful, all consuming, endlessly hungry...
He had spent the mornings when his power was at its peak speaking with the spirits and asking their guidance. The path had given him insight into what had befallen him but he knew he could not ask the path to make decisions for him. He needed to forge his own path through this troubled time, before the darkness took him. Before he lost his way, before he became too weak to serve his lord, maintain the balance and guide fate itself.

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Re: North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:38 am

Along the road he stops, seeing a body of water not too far from the road, he leaves the beaten path and heads for it as best he can. The terrain is difficult but he pushes his way through, a few low tree branches would be the least of his obstacles for the task ahead.
Reaching the water’s edge, he finds a clearing that suits his purpose. Putting down the bag containing the few possessions he owns, he beings his work.

First he places his totem, central to the clearing, pushing it into the ground so it stands tall in the centre. Drawing a large circle around the totem he beings placing the many objects around the totem in a pattern to each other, each representing the different elements in opposition to each other. Digging two small pits along the circle at either end he fills one with water the other becomes a fire pit. Taking a small candle from his bag he creates light and opposite, he takes another candle and covers it in a small piece of black velvet. Slowly, as he goes about his work, each of the elements and absolutes have their symbol represented until all of the extremes are displayed with their brother alignment in opposition within the circle.

As he goes about his work, he prays. In a quiet voice, he thanks the earth for providing the stones of ancient. He thanks the night for bringing forth the shadows. He thanks the lake for the water it has gifted him. He thanks the gods for each of their gifts and the power unto he now draws upon. Velnashar for the fire in his eye. Firin and Quarin for the death that gives life new meaning. Risk for the dangerous journey that awaits him. Onlurin for the magic he resides over and the strength from within that will be so important now. Lenamo and Kalist for the bounty of life that still resides in his body for if it had not been for the choice and bravery of Kalist silver fire, the bringer of hope and previous anointed one, Dre’th Kar would not have his life today. He thanks Hope and Asternia for the light that shines and radiates in the growing darkness of the evening twilight. He prays and time marches on as he moves with grace and purpose, presenting each symbol of the elements that make up the universe within the circle. When he finally finishes his task, he stands surrounded by the many symbols of all the things the world holds in balance. Gently, he sits by his totem. His breathing is slow, clam, controlled. Reaching into his robes he takes out a symbol of Eremine, scales that balance perfectly. His movements become slow and deliberate. He holds out the scales before him until they settle and with his other hand, grips the totem.

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Re: North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:40 am

The gentle breeze of the cool evening air caresses his face and the silent whisper of the water drifts from the lake. The earth is soft beneath him as he feels his mind slip from its mortal chains. He rises and moves through the fog, totem in hand he walks unconcerned. The world slips away from his mind and he is left standing in the mists of memory and ages past. He breaths deeply and smells the subtle but rich vapours of ancient pine. The memories of his past flood around him like a painting within a book oozing out to display its master piece hidden between its pages. The familiar path before him leads him into his village. His birthplace. His home. He walks though the memory and sees hunters from long ago getting up to catch the evening’s meal. Children run and play around the crude huts as ancient snips of idle conversation drift past. He continues and reaches a group of old lizards, the elders. Their scales are dull and the teeth are long. Their tired eyes tell of the untold wisdom they have seen and the stories they have known. They greet him as an old friend and he sits with them round the fire. His ancestors of times past, from other tribes and other times. He sits with them and tells them of his troubles. He listens to them and of what they know. Of things beyond the worries of the living and of things so close to the heart it hurts to have to know and bear the truth of it. He is at peace here. It is his home, within himself. It is a place of thought, a place of meditation and wisdom. A place of power and strength for it is everything that has guided him to become what he is this day.

He feels his strength return to him, his spirit elevated by being so at peace. But he knows, as in all things, this must end and he must face what lies ahead. Slowly, he rises and walks away from the fire side. The images around him slowly fade, like all memory in time it leaves us. And so he walks once again into the mists, into the barrier between the realms of thought and reality. His footsteps fall silently as his totem guides him back. It is his focus, and it dwells in this world as much as it does in the mortal realm. Because of this, it will always guide him back to where he is meant to be, where he is destined to be.
Awaking from his meditation he feels the cool air of the evening on neck once again. Darkness descends as twilight truly takes hold. The place between the darkness and the light. The point in which day turns to night. Between the candle and the shadow, it is grey. Its is time.

Summoning his strength Kar can feel it slowly being sapped and lost. He must act quickly to ensure it is not wasted as it slips away like sand running through his fingers. He positions himself in his meditation stance once more and focus’s. He knows what he must do and now was the time, here was the place, with the gods and fates to guide him. He must not fail.

Powers I bind thee to this place, strength of the ancients lend me your grace. Eremine my master, show me your power, give me your blessing in this fateful hour.
Powers of Light, bring me hope. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Darkness, cover mine eyes. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Life, revive me with your passion. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Death, shatter my soul a-sunder. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Earth, bind me in with your strength. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Power of Air, set me free to fly, I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Fire, set my heart ablaze with burning desire. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Water, make me whole, let me flow free. I summon thee to my side. I bind thee to this ritual. Within, you shall be the balance of the universe.
Powers of Magic, essence and fate.
I command you now, bind in this place.
Come together by Eremines Will, focus within. Magic’s of old, magic’s of this day and magic’s that will be. Empower now and give me strength to face the task and walk the path, do not let me lose my way. Power of true balance, purest of magic, give me wings. Set me free and let me soar so I may find that which I seek.

<Open Ritual Circle: Pure Magic Based 200 Essence>

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Re: North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:15 pm

The ritual circle surges with raw power as the elements surrounding him burst in to life. The Fire blazes and the water froths. The earth crumbles and the winds howl. The pure power swarms over each focus as it becomes tangible, physical, a thick soup of raw energies it encircles Kar.

The power swirls like a whirlpool as it creeps its way towards the centre, the totem now glowing with the flowing energy’s. Closing his mind to the outside world, Kar lets his spirit sink into the pool of power like a hot bath. It engulfs his senses as it saturates his being.

He stands, his body stays. The power of the ritual circle glowing as brightly in the ethereal realm as it did in the moral realm. Slowly but with confidence, Kar walks into the mists.

The memories of the hope wastes taint the edges of his mind. He can feel the cold harsh terror and despair of the memories of the souls long past. The experience of having your very being shattered and destroyed by the savage hunger of the demons and spirits of this place pressed into his thoughts.

Behind him, now distant, the pin prick of light shines. His totem, his beacon, his guide back to his moral form. A fluttering of wings draws his attention as a raven lands lightly upon his shoulder giving him a friendly peck on the side of the head. The intricate runes and patterns in his feathers that of Kars totem.

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Re: North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:59 am

Kar presses forward, the focus of the ritual should hopefully let him find the memory of hunger as swiftly as possible. It did not do well to dwell on the darker memories of the past. He walks forward and see’s an image emerge before him.

It is an image of himself, bending over the fallen body of his ally after they have been struck to the ground by earthen magic. Life magic’s flow from his fingertips and revive his fallen comrade.
Curious, Kar watches with interest as then the two images move into the mists and the memory fades. That wasn’t right...? He walks on.

The mists swirl and beyond them he can feel the suffering of the hope wastes lurking. The mists give way as a new memory swims into focus. An image of panic stricken battle is before him. He can see himself run through the carnage, healing and defending his allies.

What is going on? The ritual was supposed to help me focus. Why am I revisiting old battles instead of finding Hunger?

The raven on his shoulder pipes up as it ruffles its feathers

Maybe you’re the one who needs to focus?

Kar pauses to think. He looks again at the memory. His form stands out in the memory, a shining beacon of power. Smiting the evil before him, defending his weaker allies from harm, and healing the fallen of their wounds. The memory shifts and he sits next to the fallen Midari lord. Surrounded by the felines thanking him for freeing there people for this terrible predator. The smiles round him turn into the feral snarls of the undead, swarming to the house of heroes, his magic’s shine out and repulses the evil before him. Driving it back with purest light, the beacon of light turns into the sun over colourful Island, he sees the peace and friendship that now rules the land that could have been a place of darkness and war.


Kar backs away from the images crying out in confused terror as the images come faster and sharp. A pain in his chest grips at Kars heart and drives him to his knees. Remorse, panic, anger, the despair of failure pulls tears from his eyes. The images fade and the familiar mists swirl around Kar once more.

The raven hopes down from Kars shoulder.

It seems you have more on your mind than just finding hunger...

Kar breaths heavily but doesn’t respond. The raven continues.

And by the looks of it, the ritual is allowing you to focus on those thoughts. I must say, they don’t look like the sort of terrible nightmare one would expect. So why do they worry you so much? What’s so terrible about saving your friends and bring peace to the lands? What’s got you so worked up you can even focus on the task in hand in a place like this?

The raven cocks his head to one side as he curiously ask the panting Shirakan.

A few moments pass before Kar shows any sign of reacting to the question. When he finally does, his face is sad and dejected. He leans back and sits down, crossing his legs and sighing.

...I...well. I guess... I don’t know.

The raven waits patiently for whatever internal struggle is going on inside Kar to finish.

I realised something, when I helped defeat the Midari lord on that Island, I realised, I’m failing. I’m losing the balance. For all the balancing of my magic’s, for all the times I’ve stood between the darkness and the light, I’ve always tried to find that balance. But recently, I know... in my heart. I’m failing to keep myself there. On the Midari afflicted Island, I spent the entire time so concerned with ensuring my magic’s where in check I failed to see the good I was doing. I hurt my enemies and heal my allies. My allies where goodly so healing them was a good act, but I destroyed our enemies who where undeniably evil, which incidentally caused my destructive actions to become goodly in a way. I saved my friends and helped free an Island from a savage evil. I may have torn the very soul of a Midari lord from its body and feasted upon it to regain my strength and prevent it from returning to the lands but could his one unforgivable act of destroying a soul truly make up for the good of what was done there that day? I almost felt sick when one of my allies said ‘it’s ok, he’s one of the good guys’ to reassure some civilians we meet and was referring to me. I have friends who like me because they think I’m a good person at heart. I’m losing, after trying to walk the tightrope of reality and now I’m failing towards the jagged rocky fate that waits at the bottom of this pit of failure. I want to find my judgement again but I fear that the only truly neutral thing that can be done is nothing. But that then begs the question to the philosophical ideal: All that needs to happen for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Sometimes I just feel so trapped. I’m damned if I do and damned it I don’t. Is there any action that can be truly said to be balanced. Good and evil, light and dark. These elements are so... difficult to balance because they are subject to personal opinion. Is destroying a soul evil? What if the soul was evil itself, would that make a difference? How many Islands would you have to save from evil oppression to balance against the eternal destruction of someone’s immortal soul? How many people’s feelings would you have to hurt and how many sweets from children would you have to steal to balance the defeat of an evil power being prevented from rising to god-hood.

Kar sighs as he looks dejectedly at the insubstantial floor. The Raven cocks his head from side to side and hops around a little. After a while, it stops and address’s kar again.

I think your the critter, looking up at the fruit in the top branches...

Kar raises a scaly eyebrow at the raven. The raven hops from side to side. Kar gives in first..

Ok, perhaps you can explain that one to me.

You’re like the critter on the ground, looking up at the delicious fruit at the top of the tree. You can’t climb the tree so you spend all your time scrabbling at the bottom of the trunk trying to get what you can’t have. All the while, theirs loads of fruit that has fallen down and is scattered all round the ground but you’re so busy looking at the fruit at the top of the tree, you don’t even see the prizes around your feet.

Kar leans back and considers this for a moment.

So... what your saying is, rather than getting worked up at not achieving perfect absolute balance, I should accept that although I cannot get it perfect, I can take solace in the balances I can create rather than trying in vain for the impossible.

Its worth a try don’t you think?

Kars face slowly gives way to a small smile.

I guess I could give it a go. But will I ever achieve true balance?

Does it matter? Being a follower of balance isn’t about Being perfect. It’s about Striving to be perfect. Its about making the effort to bring the world around you into balance. That means stepping onto the path of good or evil to counter act the imbalance around you. You can’t just shy away from correcting an imbalance just because it might mess up your own personal little balancing act. What you’ve got to decide is when to bring your influence to ensure the balance is preserved. When you act, whatever you decided to do, do it for the right reasons. Don’t let yourself be restrained by indecision and doubt.

Kar is a little stunned by the revelation but slowly his face turns to a genuine smile and his slumped shoulders rise again with new energy.

Your right. I cannot let doubt cloud by judgment, nor fear trap me inside a web of indecision and regrets.

Kar stands with new vigour in his stride he feels the energy of purpose filling his veins once more.

Come my friend. It is time I find what I can here for.

**Dr’eth Kar**

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Re: North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:20 pm

Kar presses on, his mind clear of the doubt that preyed upon it he focuses on his memories of hunger.

The mists warps and changes into fearful images before it settles on the scene of the entrance to the hope wastes. He see’s Kalist, Golem and Warren with him, speaking to Hunger as he spouts his declarations of the terrible fate that awaits them.
Kar can feel the emotions of the hope wastes at the time leaking out, the fear, the panic, the destruction of the very boundaries of the walls of reality within tumbling down and setting lose the chaos of the void. Hungers own emotions drift over and he feels the impatience anger at the new comers before him, the question of Why. Why would these living beings be so foolish as to willingly enter this place and Kanslars power. He had been in Kanslars power for so long, he hated it, the hate was almost tangible to Kar as the conversation between the ghostly figments progressed. Oddly though, Kalists feelings where shining out almost as strongly as hungers. His, by comparison to hungers, a pure shining light of dedication, determination and hope. And certainty, he knew that he was going to do this, he knew where he was headed. Like the avalanche of fate itself, no words of hunger could sway him.

Kar walks forwards and followed the memories into the darkness. Suddenly an overwhelming barrage of thoughts and pains comes to mind. He can see his memories walk down a darkened cave but surrounding them, unseen by the images, hundreds if not thousands of weeping souls cry out in pain and terror. The memories here and tragic and terrible. They cry out in the darkness, forgotten and lost to the world. For a moment Kar feels the pull as the traumatic deeds of the past try and pull themselves into kars mind, binding with his thoughts and becoming a memory of his own. Steeling himself, Kar drives all his will into focusing his thoughts on the memory he is watching. The Raven glows as the power of the ritual is funnelled through him and the encroaching memories are push back out of mind and out of site. Kar is left panting at the mental effort but holds his own as he follows the memories of the past deeper into the hope wastes.

Kar watches as over the next few hours he once again witnesses the events that played out that fate full day. The ritual helps focus his thoughts throughout as he gets closer and closer to hungers impending death. Unexplained though, Kalists image appears sharper and clear than many of the others passing through the memory. Kar puts it down to the contrast between kalist and the hope wastes making him show up more, but there is no time to dwell any longer and investigate every minor detail. Reaching the climax of the events, Kar watches as his past self runs through the caves, striking at the void beasts, attacking with swift fury as the creatures where driven back to their realm. He attacks another one and the memory slows as Kar watches hunger fall slowly to the ground, kars magical blade striking him to the floor. The last moments of hungers life are ripped from his body as kars image runs up the tunnel into the darkness. The memory stops and Kar stands next to the fallen body of hunger, the rocky surrounds slowly fade until there is only darkness and hunger left. The sounds of the battle fade, and now only the sound of a beating heart can be heard. It is fast and shallow, but it slows. The life of hunger draining away it slows to a crawl. The beats now heavy and laboured it slows to almost nothing..
Kar thinks about the mistake he made. He didn’t know in the dark that it was hunger, he had assumed it was one of the void beasts. Hunger had attacked his allies, was he not right to defend them? Hunger had shown nothing but contempt for all of us but his orders from kanslar had held his hand until the final moment. But could kar blame him for striking out? Hunger had been as much a victim of kanslars rule as the tens of thousands of souls who suffer in the hope wastes every day. He had wanted to break free, he had needed it to end. But not like this. The tragedy of another soul lost in the reckless bloodshed of battle after suffering an eternity of torment. His death had not brought recompense. It had not had meaning. It had not vindicated his actions nor saved him from the pain of his suffering. It had just ended it by the hand of one who did not know or care for him. It was meaningless and had solved nothing...

Kar looked down at the fading image. He feels pity of the cruel fate that had twisted this life. Then sorrow over comes him. The pain of sadness flows from his heart and drives him to his knees. Falling to the floor he shudders in grief at the terrible fate that had come to pass and his over whelming regret at his part he played in the tragic end to a tortured life of darkness, loathing, self-hate and despair.

The heart beat grows faint, and beats... one last time.

Hunger... I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.

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Re: North East of Pathway. Kar's Meditations..

Postby Chee » Sat Jan 09, 2010 3:49 am

A small pain in his hand attracts his attention. Lifting his hand to his face he sees a small circle of skin go dark. A small stone shimmers into his vision on his hand.
The Raven on his shoulder takes flight and Kar feels his spirit soar towards his totem. The world of eternal memory fades away and the moral realm erupts back into view.
The small stone given to him by Warryn in his hand is hot. The magic of the ritual dissipates as the elements die down and disappear entirely. He rises from the ritual and looks towards the lights of pathway in the distance. He begins his journey.

It was time. Fate awaited him.


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