Wandering the forests

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Wandering the forests

Postby Blue mage » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:01 am

The forests where as you would expect.

After the Demon werewolf's time spent ravaging the forests, the army not far away from Pathway and the few settlements beyond Pathway, they were thinning a bit, cut trees were found here and there, footprints in mud, burnt marks etched into the ground...
However, even in these places, life flourished, caressing the destroyed areas, in a way that suggested that even here, life would return to fill the space left behind in time.

Some animals, squirrels and birds went about their buisness, collecting food, gathering twigs for nests. They were content to go about their buisness even as a human walked by, moving out of the way enough to avoid contact but not moving away to get away from a threat. They detected no malice, and to them it felt as though earth itself was passing them by. Earth didnt move much, but it didnt attack them. They had no problem with moving earth. Not even singing earth.

Miri it is while summer ilast
With fugheles son
Oc nu neheth windes blast
And weder strong
Ei, ei! What this night is long
And ich with wel michel wrong
Soregh and murn and fast...

The kensei walked along the forest floor, treading over leaves and twigs, treading lightly. At one point, he stopped suddenly and trod carefully over a spot of ground, and continued onwards. The spot of earth had on it a snail, which now would live longer than a few seconds had it not been spotted by the swordless swordsman.

The Kensei walked along, arms tucked into his kimono for warmth. His eyes stared down at the forest floor in deep thought. Even so, he sung to himself to calm his nerves, but not loudly, to avoid disturbing any life.
He felt slightly downhearted and overwhelmed.

He had given up all that he had been, down to his name, "Galatine", given to him not more than 6 years ago ever since he had returned to life. But with his rebirth, he had lost as much as he had gained. Among which were his sword, his only memoir of a life he could never be told of, his friends and allies such as Aquilla, Kalist and Derwent. Still...the sword was a reminded of a life he would never know, to be forgotten as he took a new name to suit his new life. But his friends...the tasks he had been givien, the promises to be kept...so much to be done.

He stopped and sat down on a felled tree trunk, staring at the earth in thought. The voice of his demon was gone but...but...
SOMETHING remained of it. He could feel it. The taint he could never be free of, the mark left by a demon. He clutched his Lady's symbol, the five silver circles on the chain that Aquilla had given him and his left hand gently stoked the orb that kalist had given him. Ever since he had left the Wastes, he had been given a stronger link to his Lady. And yet...and yet...

The swordsman suddenly realised something that came as a minor shock to him. In all his life, he had never once seen or heard a God before. Most heroes had at least heard the words of a God before, but he had...as "Galatine", only heard one God before and only in passing. He prayed never to hear it again, the voice of Quarin. He spat at the thought and whispered a curse. Hope, he could feel her everywhere. Sometimes he wondered if he could talk to her as Kalist and Marcus had, maybe Aquilla had done so before...but then, perhaps not. Even if he was left the task of bringing Hope to the world by Aquilla and Kalist, he was still tainted. It was all he could do to carry out that task left to him, to bring Hope to all people, even those who lacked faith.
But still...the swordsman wondered if he would hear any words from Hope, a message, a sign? Even a scolding or her anger would be something he could learn from.

He felt a sudden pain in his scarred cheek and clutched it. He recalled that wounds left by a blade with strong emotions would never heal completely...these marks had been left when Aquilla had died and when he had become Despair's paladin. They would never heal, unless he forgave himself. Anytime he thought of Aquilla and Despair, the wounds burnt him once more, a constant reminder. Soon the pain became too hot to bear and the swordsman fell forwards to the floor and lay still until the cheek cooled. Breathing heavily for a few moments, he eventually turned over onto his back and looked at the sky.

What he needed now...was a name.

Lady Hope, you who exist in all things...I know Im not one of your favoured followers. I was Despair's warrior once, I have never been very stongly faithful and I am always tainted...Im not one you would ever welcome into your home. But I could use a little attention every now and then. I need you more than I can admit...And now Im left without the one thing that defined me, my sword. I feel...naked...left unwhole in some ways. Im a black sheep in your faith, I know, a prodigal child. I dont even have a name anymore. So...please...if you can bare to spare me even a moment, even just a second...I ask that you help me make myself whole once more...make me a human again. Please Lady, give me a name. Give me a blade. Give me Hope.

The young man felt exaughstion catch up with him for the first time since he fled the Wastes and his eyes fought to stay awake. Sleep attacked him and he could not fend her off with his mental state and tired body. The nameless swordsman closed his eyes and sleep took him...
As it turns out, our battle plan is NOT "Synchronized Panicking"

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Re: Wandering the forests

Postby Blue mage » Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:34 pm

*Three days pass...*

The sleeping swordsman was active to some degree in his sleep.
His ken-ki, changing each day based his emotions remained active, but weaker, due to him being unable to focus and control his ki. It changed every now and then, as he dreamt, his emotions changing as the images flickered through his mind.

He was back in the Hopewastes. A battle was waging. But his senses had died and all he caught was flickers of images and words...
Familiar voices saying a few words, the scene changed, and the swordsman caught: --Not a moments-- --Get up-- --Blood for-- and a final: --It worked--

The sounds and images sounded distant...the swordsman only heard them as though they were at the back of his consciousness, distant and far, as though it was something he was dreaming...

A cold feeling went down the young mans back and he shot up, snapping awake. Around him, the forest was white with snow. He shivered and realised from the dampness that some snow had got down his back as he lay sleeping on the forest floor. He felt dirty and a bit jumpy from his dreams...

A nightmare...nothing more... he reminded himself that he was forever under the demon taint and so, maybe what he glimpsed was through the eyes of his memory, weaving and wrapping together different thoughts and feelings to show him his friends fighting...

The swordsman sat in the snow for a while, praying to his Lady for guidance and help on the path and thought hard after of the earth and its texture, how it brought life and how in this time, it needed Hope itself...and felt his ken-ki settle itself, making him one with the earth.

No name, no sword...maybe I should stay this way for a while...The name means nothing...Swordsman can do. But I still need...

He picked up his walking stick, and took his knife to it, carving away at the stick until...
The wood took on a blade shape...
As it turns out, our battle plan is NOT "Synchronized Panicking"

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