A cave North of Pathway.

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Re: A cave North of Pathway.

Postby Blue mage » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:14 pm

The swordsman, following his friend inside, prays silently mouthing the words, so that only Hope would hear them. He prayed for her to guide the souls of those lost in this place to a plaace of rest, a place far less unkind as the Hopewastes, asking that those that do get sent to the wastes to be guided to her Paladin, to be protected. He then said another prayer, for the place to be cleansed of the taint the undead, creatures generally of despair, to be brought away from the darkness.

When it is time to leave, he follows behind Warryn at a steady pace, matching the elf. He says nothing, but seems to be in consideration, face downcast, eyes set in place in deep thought. Its as though he is meditating whilst walking.
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