Eternity: Not so eternal

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Eternity: Not so eternal

Postby Ben » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:46 am

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Within the swirling pink the figure in purple seems unconcerned by her surroundings. Incorporeal, she passes through it as if it were nothing but as those nearby watch, she seems to become more solid...more real. She looks down at herself once more, quizzically this time, before taking a deep breath of air. That was probably her third mistake. The look on her face changes to one of pain as the poisonous mist begins to ravage her newly mortal form. She lets out a cry, less piercing and more strangled. That could be described as her fourth mistake though, realistically, it was more an extension of here second one for her first cry had brought her presence to the attention of every mutated creature for miles around.

Her first and largest mistake was to make her appearance here within the Heartlands.

The first creature was on her in moments, quickly followed by a second and then another and another. Any still nearby would hear rather than see what followed as the creatures dragged Lady Eternity's screaming form into the mist. Then there is silence and all that is left behind are a few shreds of purple cloth, stained red with the blood of the goddess.

There is a great lurch as time reasserts itself, the 'past' and 'present' (for want of better words) collide and with that the ward around Pathway and the entrance to the Heartlands rapidly retracts to surround only Fort Drake.

The pink mist is free and it begins seeping into the world...
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