A Small Village North of Fort Drake

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A Small Village North of Fort Drake

Postby Luke » Sun Apr 25, 2010 9:37 pm

As the warriors appeared, to the bewilderment of the peasants around them, Warryn seemed a little confused. Almost instantly he dropped to his knees and began an apology.

LORD GERETHENAX, I am so sorry for not using your great Earth to walk here but I didn't want to die from pink mist because apparently its scary or something. Well it's not that scary, at all, but everyone else was leaving. Please don't hurt me. Oh and I fixed helped fix Time. One point for Team Gerethenax YAY... speaking of teams...

Warryn stood on his feet facing the group, his head held high and his shoulders up, in a sort of ridiculous pose that to him felt very authoritive.

Now that I have my memory back I want to introduce you all to something I have been working on for a while...

I am making a group for people who arn't rubbish, and who know that shields are the best way not to die. SO. Anyone with a shield, who would like to join the: STOUT HEARTED INDOMITABLE AND ENDURING LEAGUE OF DEFENDERS. Can they please come and talk to me now. It's going to be big guys.

Warryn stared at the group plainly as no-one stepped forward...

Oh and one other thing, if you want to join can you make two queues? One for people who I like and one for air mages and air elves.

Warryn then grinned innately.
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Re: A Small Village North of Fort Drake

Postby Ben » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:04 pm

**One of the peasants looks round while mouthing the words**

"Change enduring to true and you could be the 'Stout Hearted Indomitable True League Of Awesome Defenders'...or SHITLOAD for short."

**Peasant with strangely good grasp of language**
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