Technical/Equipment Development

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Technical/Equipment Development

Postby Chee » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:40 am

Technical/Equipment Development
I have purchased a little over £600 worth of laser tag equipment from the ‘Light-Strike’ range by the company Wowee. This means no one needs to buy any special equipment to play Tides of darkness, but nearly all standard ‘Larp’ gear is still usable in the system.

We have had our first technical trial of the laser tag equipment with success and lots of important information/technical issues revealed so I can sort them before the game gets into full swing. The two major issues reveal were the lack of sensor coverage on the laser equipment and the interference from the bright sunlight. I have made working prototypes of the rifle sensor head band and the ‘juggernaught sensor’ hat which both have four additional sensors wired into the system so the subjects head is covered by sensors from all angles and can now be hit in any direction as well as on the barrel of the gun. This should hopefully overcome the problem of being shot in close combat which proved to be difficult when an enemy was very close, or not pointing their firearm at you. If these prototypes are successful at the next technical play test, I shall be making the same modifications to all the laser tag equipment.

The problem with sunlight interference was most exacerbated with direct sunlight. However, further tests have revealed the light strike guns work fine in over cast sunlight (50ft standard rifle) and get better as the environment gets darker (up to 90-100ft in darkness) To counter this issue I have decided that during the summer months, the games will take place as evening missions (6pm-11/12pm) and during the winter months, the missions can occur during the day as normal. Also, I am investigating other sites such as the labyrinth caves which will be absolutely ideal for this game as the environment will be perfect for the guns functions and game immersion. If anyone can think of/finds any other in door environments that could be used for this kind of Larp then please let me know.

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Re: Technical/Equipment Development

Postby RDB » Wed Jun 19, 2013 10:08 am

The cupboard under my stairs is dark and god knows what evils lurk there. Could be worth a try. :)

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