The System / Pending Rules

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The System / Pending Rules

Postby Chee » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:43 am

Note: A few small changes have been made. Changes Highlighted. 04/07/13

The System / Rules

The rules are still pending creation as at the moment, the core mechanics of Laser tag larp are still quite unknown so it’s unlikely for us to be able to make a balanced system based on what we know right now.
Here is some information so you can have an idea of what I’m trying to achieve.

System Objectives:

Core Combat System:
Create a blend of laser tag fire fights with larp melee combat. These fights should be sufficiently ‘intense’ that even ‘high level’ characters need to act tactically or else they will go down to enemy fire. Both Melee combat and Ranged combat should be viable methods of fighting.

Character Roles:
All characters should have areas they are best suited for. No one should be ‘dead-weight’ in the fire team. Each role should have something that makes the unique or different. There will be greater reward if the party working together as a team to win fights. Certain characters will be able to provide the team with options in combat that can make the difference between victory and defeat but only if they work together. A small group of people that work together can overcome an enemy with far great effect than a group of more powerful individuals that don’t work together. This isn’t to say an individual can not become very strong in their own right, but a fire team that works tactically as a team will find they can be far more effective in combat.

Game Balance:
Melee and Ranged combat should be equally strong. Edit: Not looking likely with the equiptment avalible. Melee and Range combat will each have their place but ranged combat looking to be generally stronger than most melee.
Characters should excel in their role but find themselves at a disadvantage in other areas.
None-combat abilities (Such as information gathering etc) should be cheap enough so a character is not too unbalanced against other characters of equal skill level who are pure combatants.
The strength of abilities, skills, fighting styles etc is highly dependent on the situation. A two handed hammer wielding sentiel is pointless at range but very powerful when toe to toe with the enemy. Character/monster balance and skills costs etc should reflect these facts.

Player Power Levels:
Players will start low power (Squaddy/Sergeant level) and can work their way up. However, although players can end up being in charge of important assets, they will never be at the point they could take on entire enemy regiments on their own, command fleets of space ships or order the death of an entire world etc. For now, an officer can attain the max rank of Captain. The various professions factions have similar equivalents.

Player Character Base:
All characters are human (or sub human). They can be one of the following professions that will automatically put them into the appropriate command structure:
Infantry/Sniper/Heavy Weapon/Technician/Medic
Officer (Independent) / Officer (Squad Leader) / Commissar
Shinning Sons of Man (Goverment Agents: Awakened Tech users)
Sacntioned Black Star Opratives (Goverment approved Natural/Bio Awakened)

The ‘world’ (or worlds) that the players will interact with should maximise the potential for both refs and players to draw from this resource and make epic stories for the players to enjoy and remember. This means although there will be a lot of content, the world information source will be very open so new content can be added and hidden secrets can be found.

In Game calls and system structure:
I want to try and avoid any ‘repetitive’ in game calls as possible. Attacking someone calling ‘Quad, Quad, Quad!’ is fine but it would be more immersive if you where maybe shouting ‘Die you Mutant Scum!’ at the time instead. However, I still want the flexibility of the many ‘in-game’ effects such as ‘knock down’ and other simple attacks that can completely change the dynamic of a fight. To try and achieve this there will be a long list of various skills and abilities available to players but nearly all abilities will be structured in a way to prevent them from being ‘spammed’ to allow for greater game immersion. Damage with melee weapons will be restricted to 1 damage for one handed weapons and 2 damage for two handed weapons with red and golden ribbon attached to weapons for high damage weapons.

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