Play Test (Basic) 20th july saturday evening

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Play Test (Basic) 20th july saturday evening

Postby Chee » Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:58 pm

As the Hop game has been called off and with the coming super heat wave it seems a perfect time to try a play test using the tides of darkness starting rules.

The character generation and system rules will be up shortly 'as is' although there is still changes to be made. The game will be an evening event starting around 6:30pm-ish and ending anywhere around 11:00pm depending of course on the players actions. The evening should be warm but without the sun cooking us where we stand it should be rather nice. I highly recommend anyone coming bring: 1. Some water to drink. 2. A long sleeve T-shirt. The T-shirt is so you can wear the Cammo overalls I have for players and monsters alike which have a lining inside that is quite tough on exposed skin but also very warn so bring something cool to wear underneath that has long sleeves.

TOD as a club will be providing:

Full Cammo Overalls (But feel free to have your character wear anything else appropriate to be different/unique)
Long Ranged PMR 446 channel radios with earphone/mic.
Laser Rifle or Pistol depending on your character profession
Weapon attachments for laser weapon depending on your character profession
Shield generator/turret/bomb digital units (also known as intelligent targeting system) for engineers

We also have various bits and bobs for kit and looking the part but I’m hoping players will be able to provide enough basic kit themselves to get the look they are aiming for.
Monsters, please dress in dark/black clothing, TOD will be able to provide you with what you will need but do bring anything you think will help (like webbing and other modern military gear) which will be appreciated but not necessary.

Please meet up at Dunlarpin beforehand (by 6pm) or better yet, join us for the pub lunch (around 1pm)

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