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Postby Krishena » Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:56 am

(OOC NOTE: this was played out via msn, am posting Dom's posts with permission)

The rain poured down in Naturlin, soaking everything. The ground was simply a wash of mud, with little foothold anywhere, and in places lead to people sinking to their knees in it.
However, Krishena was outside, her now sodden cloak discarded due to it's weight, and was adding a few final bits to the now finished school. She was shaking, her hands white as she holds the hammer, nailing a sign to the side of the building proclaiming it's use. She was soaked to the skin, even her boots had leaked, but she ignored it as best she could.
Until she sneezed, and groaned at the cold in her bones.

Grey was well...not a big fan of the rain. You never could be when you had fur all over your body largely because when you got wet you got waterlogged and it took ages to dry off naturally. Of course a large open fire helped matters alot in that respect. That aside he was out in the weather none the less, largely due to Dellam being busy and having asked Grey to check up on Krishena where she finished up on the school project. He had grudgingly agreed only because he liked hanging around the possessed woman. She kept life interesting, despite his more then obvious attraction to her. Then again if it had breasts Grey was attracted to it...within reason. He moved from cover to cover, trying to keep out of the rain as much as possible until he was within viewing distance of the site and he shouted out to Krishena from where he stood in a dry patch on someone porch.
"Hey Krish! Get your behind over here! Its coming down like all hells out!", he called to her, cupping his hands around his muzzle in an attempt to make himself heard over the driving storm.

Krish looked over at Grey and frowned before sighing. She'd heard his message, just about, but wasn't finished. She looked at the sign, the last nail only half in, and huffed. Setting the hammer down, she picked up her sodden cloak, grimacing, and walked over, boots squelching in the mud until she got under the cover. She shivered as she looked at Grey, hunched up. 'W-w-what d-do you w-w-w-want, Grey? I'm b-b-b-bus-sy.' Her long, dark hair was plastered to her head, a little over her forehead, and some more around her now dripping horns. All of her clothing was wet and clinging to her. She looked like a very dark coloured drowned rat.

"My dear Krishena...why you may like being soaking wet and freezing cold Dellam would skin me alive and turn my fur into a rug if I let you die of hypothermia out here. The storms bad and its only getting worse. You should come inside and finish up before it does. Your damn well soaked through."
He offered to her, for once sounding more like a concerned friend as opposed to his oversexed wolf self. Of course it had never been denied that Grey did have a heart and some control over his libido. He just RARELY exercised it. He would smile at her then, his features being briefly lit up by lightening charging across the sky. He had just come from the tavern, in a pair of breeches minus his shirt. With all the fur he could stand the cold far better then she could even if he was looking a little bedraggled himself.
"If it makes you feel any better I promise as best I can that I won't try and watch you get out of your things and make as few lewd comments as I possibly can do.

Krish smiled a little, glancing down almost shyly. This was the first actual attention she'd had, other than Dellam fussing over her, for a long time. She frowned a moment as she realized just how long it had been since she'd talked to Traveller. She pushed the thought away and smiled directly at Grey. 'Hmm.. Get Dellam to make a decent stew and some tea for me, and you have yourself a deal..' She fiddled with her cloak, unfolding it and looking at it, considering putting it on, before shaking her head. It was just too wet and heavy. She nodded towards the inn. 'After you..'

"Dellams on a little excursion so your going to have to put up with my cooking...lucky for you I can actually cook."
He said, flashing a toothy grin before he turned on his heels and trudged through the mud and wet ground back towards the Inn. Grey had good sense to put something akin to boots on his feet despite difference from traditional human feet so that he didn't track mud everywhere when he was inside, nor did his feet end up getting cold. He thanks his humanity for the ingenuity really. He was glad he was only half beast some days. Then again some women he knew had said he was all beast...when it counted. Over the sound of the rain and storm he could be heard to be whistling a jaunty little tune to himself all the way back to the Inn and when he got to the door like a true gentleman he opened it then stepped aside to let Krish in first before he followed her through, letting it swing closed behind them. He would then stop and shake himself vigorously, flicking off some of the water.
"Well that was fun...be glad that Dellam left me on Krish watch duty or you would have been stuck out their until someone found you laying blue and frozen in the mud.", he gave a mischievous look her way, "And I prefer my women warm and soft really."

Krish rolled her eyes and sat on a stool near the fire, her cold fingers fumbling with the sodden and muddy laces, muttering when her fingers slipped, and slowly unlacing them. She didn't reply to his comment though.
Her back started to steam as the water from it warmed up, and her shivering started to subside a tiny bit.

Grey wandered over to where she sat on the stool and kneeled before her, batting her fingers out of the way before he went about unlacing her boots instead. He smiled up at her as he did so, for a second time appearing as just a friend as opposed to his more lecherous state. It seemed that Grey did infact have a soul and a heart...maybe.
"You just concentrate on getting warm...you can barely work the laces on your boots so I don't know how you plan on getting that bodice off...though maybe I should get ya to a room before ya decide to actually try doing it. I don't think anyone in here will pay ya for that kind of show."

Krish smiled a bit and folded her arms, inadvertently squishing her chest a little. 'Mh.. I live here, I already have a room.. I'll head up there once my boots are off.. d-d-don't want to go trailing mud there.. ' She let herself get through another shivering fit, before speaking more gently. 'And.. thanks for this.. thanks for coming to find me.. I know after the incident with that earth elf, not many care much for me here..' She chuckled a little. 'Except Dellam of course.. but then.. well..' She didn't finish the sentence, simply smiling and shaking her head. She didn't really want to share what's she'd found out about him from the last tavern night.

"He finally got around to telling you he has feelings for you?"
Grey said, looking up with one eyebrow slightly raised, his blue eyes fixing with hers. They were probably his most human feature and gave away most that he wasn't all animal and that some real intelligence shone behind them.
"He's bad at hiding his feelings, especially when hes been drinking...but I've known for a while now. He respects you to much to actually come out and admit it but eh, thats just the way he is. He's still got some issues."
With that he finished unlacing one boot and tugged it off before starting on the second, his gaze going back down to it for now.
"Course I may not be the most right person to judge but I know how feelings and love work even if I don't act like it. I know if it weren't for certain situations that are more then evident that you might give him more then just the time of day."

Krish laughed quite loudly at this, a little surprised. 'Heh.. he hinted.. but.. I have abilities that helped me get to the truth..' She frowned at the rest of the words. 'I'm not quite sure what you mean.. but Dellam has shown his willingness to help others.. to help me. Whatever the situation.. I'd count him as a friend.'
She looked away then, a little troubled by Grey's words.

Grey knew by her look from a glance upwards that he had hit a nerve there, knowing he wasn't entirely wrong in what he'd read from her actions and the way she was around Dellam. Yes she treated him like a friend and a brother but...there was something more in the way she acted. grey was sure of it. He knew people, he knew women and he knew the game of hearts very well. He played it every day. Pointedly then he yanked her over boot off her foot and stood up, holding them and offering his free hand out to her to help her to her feet.
"Come on you...lets get you to your room and you can get out of those wet things. Attractive as you are in skin tight clothes I don't think the cold is good for your health. I swear you humans need more tolerance for the weather.", he said playfully as he would then guide her towards the stairs.

Krish eyed the hand before sighing and taking it. 'Hm.. we humans do just fine thank you.. at least we don't get weighed down by fur..' She poked her tongue out at him, before shivering again. She frowned, muttering curses before plodding up the stairs in just her now very damp socks. Her fingers carefully worked the laces at the front of her bodice. She was thankful she hadn't worn her more formal one... that one would have been hell to remove.

Grey noticing her shiver shook his head with a chuckle to himself and let go of her hand only to wrap a furred arm about her shoulders to keep her warm. He was still a little damp himself but a hell of alot warmer then her skin was right now. He would smile jauntily as he guided her to her door and let her do the honours of opening it up. Then he would lean against the frame, smiling at her.
"Well this is where we part unless you want a hand undressing.", he offered playfully, "Besides, I don't think you want your room smelling like wet fur...not that its a smell I mind but then I have to deal with it on a regular basis."

Krish opened the door and stepped in. Her room was large and comfortable, with a righting desk against one wall next to a small bookshelf, a large bed with a good pile of furs and blankets, and a rack to one side holding her swords. A wardrobe was next to it and against the last wall was a large fireplace with a low fire. She turned to Grey. 'Um. give me ten minutes to get into something dry.. then can you bring me up some stew and tea? I could do with something warm inside me..' Her mouth twitched, the double entendre seemingly deliberate, teasing. She headed to the fire while waiting for an answer, poking at the embers to get the fire up again.

"I've got a better suggestion then tea and stew for that but for now I think you'd prefer we go with your idea."
He offered with a broad grin showing his collection of sharp teeth before he tossed her a wink and turned on his heels to head back down the stairs, as he went he kicked off the makeshift boots he wore and picked them up, padding silently across the floor bare-pawed instead. He would return in maybe 15 minutes minus his boots and carrying tea and a bowl of stew as requested, giving the door a kick with his foot as opposed to knocking.
"Food special delivery.", he called out to krish beyond.

Krish opened the door, smiling. She was now seemingly in her pyjamas, wearing a warm looking pair of pants which hung loosely about her legs, a long, loose shirt over them, and a blanket about her shoulders. Her hair looked as if she'd rubbed it in an effort to dry it, now looking merely damp, as opposed to sodden, and a little messier. She stepped back to allow him in, before settling on the bed, the furs and blankets over her legs. 'Thanks.'

Grey gave a polite bow with a smile as she allowed him in before he brought in her food and set it down on the end of her bed, then he'd move and perch on the bed next to her, alot dryer himself now as well.
"Sorry I took so long...just had to make myself a little more presentable and dump my boots.", he offered as he relaxed a little, "So would you mind a little company or do you prefer to eat alone? Truth be told this place is pretty dull tonight and i'd rather hang around with you anyway."

Krish smirked as she took the tea in her hands, warming them. 'Hmm.. I bet you'd prefer to stay here..' She glanced at him before grinning. 'Sure.. would like the company anyway, since Dellam's gone, and no one's going to come out to the tavern in this weather..' She sipped her tea before setting it on the tray again and picking up the bowl. 'Feel free to bring some food up for yourself if you want..' Her eyelids fluttered a moment and she finished her sentence with her other's gruffer voice. '.. not like anyone else has shared this bed in a loooong while..'
She frowned and huffed, shutting the demon up by eating some of the surprisingly good stew.

Grey chuckled, his sharp ears catching what her demon half said before he smiled. He wasn't particularly hungry for food, though he did have an idea what he'd like to eat. However he was on his best behaviour right now as he had given his word to Krishena that he would be. Instead for now he simply relaxed backwards across the bed, resting on his elbows with his head raised to watch Krishena.
"My dear Krishena I have no idea what you mean...I am merely here for the pleasure of your company. As if I would EVER have an ulterior motive.", he offered, trying to look as innocent as possible and failing miserably, then he would just break out in a grin, "Good thing I'm as good as my word though. Best behaviour for me so no touchy unless its absolutely necessary."

"I would hardly call Dellam hanging around you 'fawning'...and me, drooling over folks is just my thing. You may not have noticed but I'm not exactly the mutually exclusive type. I live my life in a more care free fashion. Its just the way I am."
He said, smiling though giving a shrug of his shoulders slightly at his own words. He was indeed the very picture of ease and exactly what he said he was. Most would consider hanging around a womans bed like this when she was married unseemly...but not Grey.
"Lifes to short for attachments like 'marriage' and I could die tomorrow for all I know. Might as well take what I can firm existence while I have it and thank the earth mother all for it afterwards."

Krish looked into her tea, contemplating. She'd married Traveller not long after she'd first moved to Sanga, she'd not really lived through much beyond dealing with her demon. So much had changed since then, she'd changed so much.. the slightest tinge of regret entered her mind, and it wouldn't go away. 'Hm..' was her response, before sipping her tea again.

"You and I are alot alike Krish..."
He said, pointedly looking at her with the comment, the barest hint of a grin on his dark furred muzzle.
"We're both a little wild inside...and for you it doesn't just come from your demon. Your demon I'd wager doesn't entirely create emotions inside of you, it more nudges you into letting out the things you wouldn't normally let out. Lets you corrupt yourself so to speak. Difference is I show my wildness on the surface, I simply am...I don't try and bury anything."
He shifts then, rolling onto his side and leaning towards her a little.
"Theres parts of you that just want to do whatever you feel like I bet...I'm pretty sure not ALL the thoughts you've had about Dellam, or me or who knows else have been entirely friendly hm?"

Krish turnes to him, looking at him a long moment before speaking. 'Thing is Grey.. if I do show it.. then I lose control.. and if I lose control.. the demon gains it. Trust me.. you do not want the demon running around with my powers and his rather unpleasant imagination. My thoughts and fantasies are better left as just that, safely locked in my head. '

Then try just acting on one of your fantasies every once in a while hun, let it out a little at a time. If you don't your just gonna build up lots of frustration and one day lose control whether you want to or not. I dare say that'll be far less pretty then just doing what you want to do for a change."
He offered with a smile...and then in a rather uncharacteristic fashion for him lent forwards more and nuzzled his furred cheek against her flesh one before pulling back a ways.
"You going nuts on a killing spree is not something that either myself or Dellam wants to have to deal with."

Krish tensed at the touch a moment, before relaxing. She frowned. 'Well.. usually I simply let the demon have it's way when out adventuring.. but.. well.. I've been stuck building this school so..' She shrugged, finished her tea and slumped down further. 'Hopefully soon I can go have fun..'

Grey chuckled softly at that before he flashed her a devilish grin, his eyes glinting with mischief in the fire light.
"Oh I could think of a way or two to have fun...we could always go get a barrel of mead and drink ourselves senseless for one. Two well...I don't think you'd go for my other idea of fun.", he said, waggling his eyebrows lecherously.
He would then laugh and lean back on the bed, laying on his side with his head propped up.
"What do you fancy doing anyway?"

Krish rolled her eyes and shook her head. 'I don't think having a whole barrel of mead is a good plan.. and to be honest? Relaxing and getting warm is all that's on my mind right now..' She smirked. 'And no I don't need THAT kind of help to get warm, thanks very much.'

Grey chuckled at her reaction, reading the unsaid comment from his mind and he offered her a bright smile. For a moment he eyed her then rolled onto his back on her bed and laid an arm out to his side, almost as if he was making space at his side for her.
"Well how about since I'm a big ball of fur you just come lay down next to me and I keep ya warm the old fashioned way. I can be a good boy...when the need strikes me. Which isn't very often admittedly but meh, what can ya do?", he said, with a wink her way.

Krish rolled her eyes and moved to place her now empty food tray on the floor, thanking the blanket she still had around her shoulders for being long enough to prevent Grey for staring at her rear, though a little voice told her she wouldn't have minded all that much. She then settled against him, tugging the blankets and furs up. She sighed. 'Thanks for this.. I really do appreciate it.'
Pausing a moment, she moved and kissed his cheek, before settling again.

Grey smiled as she kissed his cheek, actually blushing a little under his fur. It wasn't often he received affection from a female he wasn't bedding in a totally friendly fashion. It was unusual for him. Enough that it caught him a little off-guard. In return he kissed her cheek and gave it a brief nuzzle with his own.
"Anytime hun...mother knows, this place would be a hell of alot duller if you upped and kicked the bucket from cold and exposure.", he offered light heartedly, "You just get comfy, you could use the rest."

Krish nodded and closed her eyes, seemingly dozing off.
After a few minutes, when her body was relaxed, her demon's voice was heard. 'Do you know how easy it would be to ruin her marriage right now? Now she's asleep.. I could take her over.. make her.. do things..'

"It wouldn't be her doing them though Eluziel...and now you've said it I'm not dumb enough to just let you go and do it."
Grey said, his eyes were closed yes but he was very much awake. He didn't sleep all that often. Sleep just wasn't his thing unless he was desperate for a break.
"I may be a bit of an animal but I'm not a total ass. If she wants me she can have me of her own free will. I'd rather have her then you anyway."
He offered, the slightest hint of a smirk forming on his muzzle.
"Thanks for the offer though, I didn't think you thought I was that pretty."

Eluziel moved Krish's head, her face still relaxed in sleep. 'Hey.. the Traveller's not been around.. a demon has needs, you know?' The slightest smirk caught her lips, before her head was returned to it's place. 'Anyway.. better make sure she sleeps and doesn't get hypothermia.. less fun for me if she dies.. she does have some very nice powers..'

"Not all she has nice of...but anyway."
He slowly slipped his arm out from under her then, being careful not to wake her up though he wasn't sure if he could wake her with Eluziel temporarily in control of things.
"You make sure she stays okay...Me, I'm gonna return to my own bed. Next thing any know people will be startin to talk if I hang around in here all night.", he said with a soft chuckle.

Krish mumbled herself as she felt Grey starting to move, arm looping about his waist and keeping him close. 'Mh.. stop moving.. blanket.. mn..'

Grey blinked as Krishena hooked herself around him and let out a sigh. he guessed he wasn't going anywhere tonight. Defeated he lay his head back on the bed and let his eyes close again, taking a deep breath and letting it out as he tried to let himself mentally relax.
"This is gonna be some night.", he muttered to himself as he let his mind drift, trying to find sleep somehow.
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