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Postby quillkeeper » Tue Apr 03, 2007 8:43 pm

*A notice appears on the town Board.*

"Brews and Blades is now open for business.

Aratain, the crafter responsible for the five Rift Edge blades that defeated The End, wishes it to be known that he and Nathaniel the Alchemist are once again available for commission.

Prices vary depending on wears.

Aratain's speciality is weapons although he is able to make a limited selection of Charms with high a rate of success. The standard fee is Twenty Rava plus the cost of Raw materials.

Aside from the usual Spell Charms he can make the following Charms.

Warming Touch, Calming Touch, Speak With Dead, Earth Skin, Frost Burn, and Bark Skin.

These Charms are of abilities innate to Elves and as such you will be hard pressed to find another Crafter able to make them. Aratain is able to imbue these abilities into pre-existing items to cut the cost, although he can make the charms from scratch at an additional cost of Twenty-five Rava for Raw materials and a better rate of success.

Master Crafted Weapons will cost Thirty-five Rava on top of the base price, with additional surpluses for extra enhancement.

Magical Weapons will cost Sixty Rava on top of the base price with additional surpluses for extra enhancements.

More risky projects will call for greater commission.

Aratain is also able to make "Attuned" Weapons and Charms, these item are resistant to all magical and mundane effects that would destroy them in the hands of the wielder they are made for, this cost is negotiable.

The base fee for placing abilities into items is Twenty Rava per Essence the ability takes to use into a charm or Thirty Rava per Essence into a weapon or piece of Armour, both costs are for each daily charge, cheaper rate for life-time charges negotiable.

Success not guaranteed on any project, upon faliure Fifty Percent of any commission will be refunded.

Nathaniel's prices are negotiable, due in part to the variable success rates involved in making these potions.

Since Nathaniel can make the 'basic' potions with a perfect success rate though, they are on offer at a flat rate of 4 potions for 5 ravas.

He is able to make the basic potions of restoration to body or soul, as well as many others, listed here.

Gel of Repair, Dust of detect magic, Enhance sense, Rust, Decay, Mend Bone, Rockskin (4), Alchemy, Cure poison, Cure Disease, See invisible, Reflect(3), Shield of Purity(2), Mana(2), Dumbness, Cure Zombie bite.

Invisibility, Mana(4), Strength, Rockskin( 8 ) Charm person, Reflect(6), Haste, Endurance, Sleep, Blindness

Freeze, Might, Reflect(9), Magic immunity, Mana(6), Holy Water, Paralysis, Regeneration

A few are possibly not clear of their use from the names alone.
Dust of Detect magic makes all active magic within a small radius glow slightly, so even those unfamiliar with the ways of magic may see it.
Endurance slightly improves the bodies injury responses, allowing the drinker to withstand greater injury without being incapacitated.
Magic immunity makes the drinker TOTALLY immune to the effects of magic for one hour. I recommend making sure you have several vitaea potions before drinking one of these.

Holy water grants the blessing of my deity, Risk. This offers a moment of luck, where one physical attack that would have hit you, is deflected by pure chance, regardless of the force the attack has.
Regeneration potions grant the ability to automatically heal the next three minor wounds you take within seconds. The potion is designed to remain in your body until its effects are needed, so would potentially last years, or even more. Note that Regeneration is a recipe I have researched for myself. Nobody else would be able to offer this potion."

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