The Market

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The Market

Postby Plot Bot » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:32 pm

Lortal had been standing near a stand when he first noticed her, the beautiful body, the lovely hair. He loved Tynes more than he could say and he knew that she loved him but was just playing hard to get. He would win her no matter what it would take. He watched as she leant over a stall to reach for some cotton, a smile on her face as she spoke to the stall keeper. He knew she would soon smile at him in that way, so love him more than she did now. As she woundered around the market he kept an eye on her slowly getting closer to her. She was oblivious but he wanted to help her for her basket was getting full and heavy.

Taking a deep breath he strode confidently up to her and grabed the basket off of her speaking firmly. "Tynes, I will help you carry this, I do not want to see you strain under its weight."

A look of shock flew over Tynes as she still had hold of the basket. "Errr... no, it is ok I can carry it, it is no problem. After all like you I am of the Earth."

Lortal smiled and with a yank pulled the basket fully out of her hands, knowing that she wanted force to show her that he was one of the strongest in the village. Hearing her whimper as he pulled made him hold tight to the fairly light basket in one hand and rub a rough hand down her cheek. "I love you, I want to help you understand my love. I will never hurt you. I just want to be with you."

Tynes annoyed finches away from the hand and goes to grab her basket. "Give me my basket back please? I need to make your trousers and buy some things for Nialanna when she comes and visits me later today now give it back please?"

Lortal shakes his head and beams. "Oh Nialanna is coming, fantastic, I will come over for dinner and see her. After all she should be able to meet her new step father."

The next thing Lortal knows is a sore eye, pain in the groin and the basket no longer in his hand. Through blury eyes he watches Tynes walk away. "I will see you for late dinner then." The crowd look on at him in horror that he could think that she would ever let him in for dinner but quietly go about their buisness as he nurses his wounds.

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