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New Narturlin

Postby Luke » Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:20 pm

With a flash two elves appeared on the outskirt of the ruined city of Narturlin. One of them, a high elf, took a few steps back an awaited further instructions. When he realised he woudn't be recieving them he sat down to rest.

The other elf stood, his skin shining like diamonds, surveying the ruins. Already people had moved to the city, setting up temporary housing, a slum. Steelyx's earth elves were among them. Warryn smiled. His goal was achievable... and more than that, it was not far off.

He saw the elves going to work, lifting rocks, using their magic and control of the earth to build walls. They had only just begun, working from the inside out... though the very centre of the city was left alone. This would be the site of the temple...

So far only a few buildings were nearly completed, though the foundations for many had been laid out. He guessed that the first few days had been spent just clearing some of the rubble.

He had given his plans only a few days ago, the restoration of the great city... improved. It would have high stone walls this time, like Varya... he had admired that city, and its god.

Warryn made is way through the slums, some of the earth elves nodded to him, other bowed. He told them not to be stupid. He wished he could look the way he had before.

But you are so much better...
Onyx loved the bowing.
Shut up.

Warryn found his way to the construction areas and offered his help. Finally something mundane. Administration was such a bore.
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