Buried Downtime - 19/01/14

This being the forum for the activities below Mount Heart, at the base of operations of the Sinya Palurin Excavation and Exploration Survey

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Buried Downtime - 19/01/14

Postby Will » Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:39 pm

**Having delved deeper into the caves, Aspen, Dave, Wei, Twain and Twenty Flasks set about developing their specified area of the tunnels as a more permanent base of operations. Equipment was carried through the caves, past the hopelessly unquestioning members of SPIES, and to the area that had once been a rent to a Demonic dimension.

Naturally, the location of the tear between planes was used as the storage area; a space with only one way in or out, save further digging. That said, after a few weeks, the walls had been reinforced, and the side rooms developed into a fairly decent sleeping area. The doorway in had been reinforced, supplies had been brought down and a pantry made. It was easy to keep them fresh in the cooler temperature beneath the earth.

Nothing had been heard from HART, but then, they were deeper in the caves. And probably getting up to no good elsewhere.

An area had been asigned for planning and tactics. An ever growing map lay on a table.

In the storage area, a selection of items were kept and logged, available for those who were part of their new team:

1 x + 1 Magic M/C Longsword
1 x Amulet of Shield of Magic 4 2/day
1 x shield of + 1 global hit
1 x gem of 10 essence, regenerating one every 15 minutes
1 x belt of + 2 dexterity

Yes, progress was certainly being made. But what was to come next?**
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