Hire for Tomorrow

This being the forum for the activities below Mount Heart, at the base of operations of the Sinya Palurin Excavation and Exploration Survey

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Hire for Tomorrow

Postby Will » Fri May 09, 2014 7:05 pm

To the Heroes under Mount Heart.

When last you travelled you suffered tragedy in losing one of your number. For this, I am sorry. Twain was a good man as far as I was able to get to know him.

However, the man who killed him, the leader of the Cult of Domination and Pain, is still at large within the caves deeper, past your head quarters. The Cult is also recovering from the devastation your group visited upon it last time. We have reports that they have formed an official alliance with this Quisling individual, though we have no further information on his full background or goals.

The Cult however are still vulnerable, and there is still an opportunity to remove them from the playing field. We are seeking to hire you, for 25 Rava each, to finish them, and gain some measure of revenge for the death of your friend.

It may also be possible to recover his body.

I will come and meet you in your headquarters in the morning.

Captain Watchtower
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