The Haran's Old Clothes.

For discussions in the new Larkant homeland which covers much of what was Gweria and forms the border with Damnation to the south

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The Haran's Old Clothes.

Postby Peter Levy » Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:29 pm

The Human tribes had held their elections. The Larkant elected Marius Harwood. Marius Harwood was revealed to be a Halfling-Vampire by the name of Billy Rednose. The Larkant re-elected Marius Harwood, in full knowledge of who he was.

Some hours after, Marius stood before some of the tribe as they gathered in the mead hall.

"Friends, Larkant, Countrymen, thank you all for your loyalty."

He rested his hand on an old shortsword at his side, his tunic bearing visible tears across the abdomen, revealing a tangle of fine chain and flesh where he had been struck. He seemed somehow smaller, weaker than before.

"An attempt was made on my life, by the very same creature who told you lies about me. The bleached mutt of Noore I'Meles, the visitor from another world, the interloper in Human affairs. It is a tremendous honour to say I can still stand before you, and to stand with you. I find it hard to justify Vynrael's unprovoked violence against my person. Combined with his attack on my character, and by extension your judgement and your will, I am struggling to hold back from using the word War".

Much of the crowd is transfixed by Marius' words, though many are clearly not convinced that he is who he says he is. The mood in the hall builds in anger as people begin to debate, to argue about what has happened. As the evening goes on, the consensus begins to build: The Larkant have spoken, outsiders should not try to interfere.
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