A Rude Awakening

Capital: Damntown. Ruler: Damn. Lying to the south-east of Sinya Palurin where the forests of Arnad Guarhoth (traditional home of the Beastkin) was destroyed. A wretched hive of scum and villainy or a land of opportunity and freedom.

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A Rude Awakening

Postby Cat » Wed Apr 20, 2016 4:33 pm

Dellam wrote: A faint quake is felt...just about everywhere. A gentle rocking just enough to disturb water and be felt through ones feet

**Crystanna woke with a jolt at the tremor, sleep still heavy in her eyes as she tried to come round from the restless night, studying the room in search for Jags she soon noticed the empty space beside her in the bed. Suddenly her eyes snapped open wide**


**she lept from the bed in hurry, only pausing to throw on her shirt and grab her keys before bolting out the bedroom door, down the stairs to a door in one of the back rooms, she fumbled with the lock dropping the keys several times in her panic before finally hearing that audible "click" as she proceeded to fling the door open and run down the stairs till she reached the large room downstairs, her eyes flicking back and forth trying to survey the potential damage around her.

luckily the damage was minimal, in fact near next to none, a couple of broken bottles on the floor thankfully all empty. Crystanna breathed a huge sigh of relief and her thoughts quickly turned to where Jag's was and she hoped he was okay wherever he was**

"he knows how to take care of himself" she mused to herself.

**she proceeded to clean up the little bits of broken glass on the floor making sure to be careful as she walked around in bare feet around the Lab, once it was clean she looked down at her bare legs and feet rolled her eyes and walked back up the bedroom, got dressed properly and headed back down to the lab once again, this time in less of a rush, stopping by the wine cabinet to grab a bottle and a glass. once back down in the lab she walked over to her bench pulled out a book from a drawer and opened it to a fresh page, and began writing**

Permanent Resistance to Fire. Test 31.

**taking a deep breath she pulled out a knife and a syringe, lined up the syringe on her human arm and pierced the skin, drawing out her own blood. she then reached for a glass vial and started to use the knife to chip off some of her ice into the glass vial**

"lets hope this is luck number 3"she whispered to herself as she began to work
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