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Seeing a man about a god

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:57 pm
by doreilly82
Quite a lot had happened to Felix in the short time since the end of his incarceration.
He had fought against the power of another world and was almost lost to it, he briefly became the repository of 300 departed souls and was involved in the destruction of the Fey realm, But none of that really frightened him, what had was the voice.

A voice that beckoned him to a city he had never been and had hoped to never lay eyes on.

But that was something for later. For now he had another task, and as much as he hated a Admitting it, he needed help.

So here he was in Damntown hoping to find the man called Jaguar and while he didn't know exactly where he would be he had a good idea where to start... the nearest Tavern