Homeland of the Rodera and Orc peoples

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"A power washed over us. Each one. A calling in our very Blood. The Mother was threatened, hurting, fading. But this wave of power - of purpose - has filled me with... Hope."

Marmenputa addressed a few of his brethren. The Orcish Chapter of Blood: priests, healers, apothecaries, midwives and surgeons.

"We have praised the name Mamozumo in our halls. We have found beauty in the gift of Lifeblood, and we have found strength in the unity of our kin. The warmth and power of the lifeblood fills our Bodies. The same blood that supports our form was carried by our ancestors, and their history feeds our Souls. The lifeblood connects us to our brothers and our sisters, our parents, our children, and they will always be in our Minds.

"These truths will never change. Our people's strength will never falter. The gift of the Lifeblood guides us to become better. We have praised the name Mamozumo, but this name now belongs to another age. I now feel this new calling. I hear the voices of our ancestors. I see the yearning of our people. As one, the Orcs feel Hope. Hope, the inextinguishable flame of life.

"All who deny others their lifeblood deny them hope. For a person to deny another this fundamental gift of life is to fundamentally forfeit their own. So I reaffirm my oaths of faith: to protect the lifeblood of my kin and neighbour, and to punish those who abuse their gift. Mamozumo, Kalist, Hope, these all are one."

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