The Shadow Rises

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The Shadow Rises

Postby Dellam » Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:31 pm

To all beings of the world a new power is felt rising. She is Matarchia, once a hafling, then a gnome, now the Goddess of Magic. She gathers up the colours of all power except that of the light and consumes it. She holds dominion over these things now. That done she moves, taking her place in the pantheon. With two representing good and one representing neutrality, she has her seat as the first evil god ascended to the new pantheon.

There is a place, the Heartlands, where a large hill now exists where once was a mountain. Aside from the occasional passing it had largely been left untouched, undisturbed, at least on the surface. Below many groups had dug tunnels and warrens looking for treasure of maintaing some kind of underground existence. Such things would change now. There was a pulse felt right across the world felt by those who could sense power as an overriding flash of shadow magic and those without as a creeping sensation up the spine and a distinct primal memory of being watched from over the shoulder. The soil of the Heartland Hill trembled and quaked, the final quake after the 'death' and rebirth of Korhalan.

What appeared on that hill was a city, all stone greys and dark colours, surrounded by walls that might have once been pure but long since perverted and corrupted. There were towers and sharp points to it, covering what might have been far older designs and ideals when the structures were first made. On balconies, walkways and wall tops stood figures who's skin matched their architecture and who's countenances were all cruelty and mirth in equal measure. They took possession of the land for they had been given it by one of the human leaders. The shadow elves had come home to Velmaneth and had claimed their birthright.

They were leashed now though and their master was not one to go back on the promises he had this instance. The gates of the city swung open but once in the days that followed. The first time a wave of figures were released, a mix of all races numbering a few hundred, the slaves released though they were not guaranteed nor given any protection after they had left the walls. That was one promise kept. The other came later where a single figure carrying an orb teleported to Noor I'Meles and dropped off a package pulsing with power. A ball of light encased in a ball of shadow. They could have their Light, it was not needed anymore. All things went according to plan.
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