A Tavern?

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A Tavern?

Postby Peter Levy » Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:52 pm

He sat on the arm of the old leather sofa, one arm resting behind his host's head. The look on his face was somewhere between smug and concerned.

"The new one's not really fitting in..."
"Nonsense, my dear. Everybody fits in here!"
"You barely fit in this chair... But, anyway. I think they'll be a problem."
"What are you trying to say? My sofas are the finest there could be!"
"I'm not for a second questioning the quality of the furniture. Just the owner's... let's say... girth."
"Nobody's complained about me girth before..."
"I couldn't begin to imagine a world in which I want to hear more about that. I came here to talk about our mutual friend..."
"Which one? I have many many friends!"
"The Gnome."
"They're great, aren't they?"
"They certainly think so. Matachia is dangerous."
"Well, let us toast to danger!"
"Yes, that's all well and good, but the danger, I fear, is to you. And the others."
"You only live once."
"You used to be dead."
"Really? Oh, well I guess you live twice..."
"Already Matachia is flexing their muscle; Hope and Aquilla are both feeling the squeeze."
"Nobody's squeezing me..."
"Matachia does not consider you powerful enough to bother with. She is wrong, of course... To a point. Your strength lies with your, as you describe them 'many many friends'."
"What a bloody cheek! Someone should give Matachia a good drink to clam them down."
"Yes... That's just what I thought..."
"Good thinking!"
"So I should get straight on that, should I?"
"Of course, my boy! But first, a drink!"

The seated figure raised a demijohn of pink liquid.

"Ah, the last of the Summer wine... Don't mind if i do..."

He took the bottle and departed.
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