Musings whilst bored

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Musings whilst bored

Postby Stevie » Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:50 am

In the long thread about Mages and their power a couple of points where raised that sparked certain creative impulses within my brain. Luke was making a lot of comparisons to the magical classes and where their secondary strenths lie and Ben mentioned that people thought Bards/Druids were underpowered and that Arch classes was something he was looking into.

In my opinion, multiclassing isn't done enough. Or if it is, I'm not aware of it. The fact that it's something that must be applied to the uniques team might serve as some explaination as to why it isn't enacted more. So my suggestion is simple "PATHING". Make it a clear choice that each class could take, make it published and more available.

My suggestion would be something along the lines of removing many of the starting classes and instead making them "Pathing" options at 30 skill or above. So Johnny would start a Warrior, and a 30 skill he would take a "Pathing" option to Knight. As a result he gains some Knightly abilities, a nice additional -1 to Martial. This would reduce the clutter of classes early game and actually makes IC sense. At 10 skill, no one should just be a "Knight" or an "Arch" anything. They should be things that are earnt.

I figure we could condense of lot of the cross-over classes and add some depth to player choice. (I understand that this would mean less classes would be immediately available, but I feel that they are infrequently played and to be honest before 30 skill almost every character build is the same.)

Something like having skill trees.. Like if you've played WoW (or any other MMO/Diablo type game) you would be aware you could split into 3 different specs' and it's handy that we have 3 seperate skill sections. I'm just musing at the moment but I'm imagining somethig like this

Now I'm just messing aronud with this, a lot of the path choices aren't ideal and in Pargon we have some ambigious and weird classes. I personally see Bard as a Martial Caster (having 6 points of Armor and stuff) but they have their 0 in Stealth. This is just a general idea of something that I think might be worth taking a bigger look at.

Opening it up for community musings.

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Re: Musings whilst bored

Postby Luke » Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:41 pm

It's very DND like, and I do like it a lot. It requires a huge overhall, and a massive amount of content creation. I love that you could essentially have three starting classes - Warrior, Scout, Mage. What they become after that is where the game begins. Given the relatively few class-only abilities/skills I think this could be very flavoursome and puts a great emphasis on race selection.

What I love about HOP is it's versatility, and my least favourite thing is that the classes do tend to blur a little IMHO.

TLDR: If this creates diversity and options, then +1
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Re: Musings whilst bored

Postby Ben » Tue Apr 16, 2013 3:55 pm

My first experience of tabletop was Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I have this vague memory that you rolled randomly to see your starting class and then it was all about your class changing as you went along.

I'm a big fan of multi-classing. One of the main reasons it sits with the uniques team is to check to make sure any uniques you may already have that we gave to you as one class don't become a problem when you are a different class. E.g. you've applied for your warrior to have the ability to double his soul for 5 minutes, not a problem until you become a Domination caster or a Sorcerer. The other reason is that it takes a little programming on the system so even if it was a standard skill, we'd still have to be made aware to make the adjustments.

Multi-classing is almost always 10 skill unless it's to/from High Mage/Celebrant, Warrior or Scout when it's usually 15.
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