Dispel and Targeting

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Dispel and Targeting

Postby Stevie » Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:24 am

From a old thread concerning "Dispelling" it clarified the following targeting assumptions of a Dispel.

A Dispel on a character will target based on the following priorities.

1.) The Highest Rank it affects.
2.) The Oldest Spell if 2 or more of equal rank.

For Instance

A target has 3 active spells. One at Rank 8 and Two at Rank 4. He is hit with a Dispel 5, it's unable to affect the Rank 8 spell, so drops down to the next available spell that can be affected. It finds the two Rank 4 spells and dispels the oldest.

Now, I've seen before that people have nominated specific spells on the target, and that the dispel can target that as a priority.

For Instance

Same scenario, but Magico McDispeliano wants to dispel the newest Rank 4 spell which he knows is a Blindness. He hasn't specifically identified the Blindness through a sense power or I.D magic, but his ally has been complaining he's unable to see. He casts and announces OOC "Dispel on the Blindness"

Is the new priority

1.) Blindness
2.) Highest spell it can affect
3.) Oldest spell if 2 or more of the same rank

The main question I'm asking is, if a Blindness is not present would the dispel be wasted, or would it affect the next spell it could.

I think part of the trade-off for mentioning a specific spell within the cast is that if it's not an active spell on the target, or if you've cast a dispel at a rank below the spell you're targeting. The dispel is lost and doesn't affect anything.

Additional Follow-up Question.

Are Spells inside items intelligent?

So if I had a rock of Dispel 5, could I activate the dispel within and mention a specific spell? Or because the spell is coming from an item, rather than following a direct order from the caster would it just follow the normal priority?

Follow-follow-up question. Can items be crafted with pre-inferred contingencies?

So, I asked a charm crafter to make me a bracelet containing 1x Contingency Other and 1xTrue Heal. If I got the crafter at the time to specify the contingency to be "When [Wearer of Braclet] falls unconcious, activate True Heal after 5 seconds." Or would I have to use the Contingency Other and True Heal within the bracelet at the start of the day as if I was casting a normal contingency.

The relation this has to my previous question is just whether if I made the rock a Rock of Contingency - "Dispel the Blindness", would it then target the blindness, if in the above example we clarify that spells inside items are not intelligent.

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Re: Dispel and Targeting

Postby Ben » Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:43 am

Wording for Dispel

Dispel Magic
Rank: 1+
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Dispels one ongoing spell of up to and including the rank at which the dispel is cast. Please note that Undead and Demons cannot be dispelled in this way.

I would suggest that the general idea of Dispel is to target a specific spell and that generally you use Sense Power/Identify Magic to find out what you are dispelling. If you cast ID Magic on a person and get a list of effects then you can choose the one to dispel.

If, however, you don't choose a particular spell then you are just blasting dispelling magic at someone and it removes the most powerful spell possible. If there are two spells of equal power active then the recipient of the dispel can choose which is dispelled.

If you say "Dispel Blindness" on someone who is not affected by Blindness then I guess it takes out the highest spell it can (see above).

With items, I think if you put a Contingency and another spell into an item then you would have to activate the Contingency at the beginning of the day as you are imbuing two separate spells. That's what I ruled with Pete's "Bailey" weapon. However, in crafting there's no reason you couldn't link the spells I suppose: it's just that having 1 charge of Contingency and 1 charge of Total Heal that you can use independently is probably more useful than a single charge of Contingency: Total Heal.
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