Impending Rules Changes (V7 warning)

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Re: Impending Rules Changes (V7 warning)

Postby Hatsuo1980 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:16 pm

Potential issues that haven't been highlighted/resolved:

The Furious Blades – The Fire Caste

Furious Blade
The Furious Blade may use his ranks in Two handed sword as One handed sword (this does not stack with
any ranks of 1 handed sword already possessed)

If you buy profs universally, this becomes a non-bonus. Remove or replace?

Two Handed Parry
While using a Two Handed Sword the Furious Blade gains a Parry Hit for each rank of Two Handed Sword
possessed. Parry hits work in the same as Dexterity except they do not increase damage and are only
effective against non-projectile weapon blows from the direction you are facing.

Doesn't scale as it did. If this has been factored in, awesome. If not, maybe this should be 2 or 3 globals per prof. 2 seems appropriate but 3 seems fine also. 2 seems more in line with the initial idea that single and double being the norm because 2 profs being 6 globals allows someone to ignore 3-6 blows, which is a lot :)

The Shaded Blades – The Earth Caste

Shaded Blade
The Shaded Blade may use his ranks in Unarmed as 1 or 2 handed sword (this does not stack with any ranks
of 1 or 2 handed sword already possessed).

With the changes, perhaps this should become "Shaded Blades gain the Unarmed Combat skill for free"


Lethal Shots: + 1 damage grade with projectile weapons each threshold (including when starting the character). This damage can exceed Max Dam.

Are you happy with Marksmen being able to do about 4 more damage grades than everyone else, roughly?

Damage Focus:
Skill: 5
Essence: 1
Cast time: 2 seconds per damage grade
Description: May empower one blow such that it causes + 1 damage. This ability stacks with itself, costing double the Essence each time, 2 Essence for + 2 damage, 4 for + 3, 8 for + 4, 16 for + 5, 32 for + 6, 64 for + 7, 128 for + 8 etc. This extra damage can exceed AMD.

Is this still ok using these numbers?

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Re: Impending Rules Changes (V7 warning)

Postby Luke » Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:27 pm

Other considerations:

Giant animals become incredibly powerful (is this an issue?)

DRs have become stronger, as it is I like their cost but perhaps master crafted armour should be assessed? (Knights and High Elves have access to this from creation - not an issue just raising it)

Through damage and shield pierce - rarely used by players because of their cost to damage ratio, I would suggest making them apply full damage (as damage is lowered overall) but keep costs the same, this should hopefully see more use.

Summoned undead should have their damage lowered from 1 damage grade every 2 ranks to 1 every 4 ranks (at least).

Also magic items are mental in the system at the moment, they will be so much more so after the changes, there's like 3 +3 swords and a bunch of Daggers going around. Something I suggested to Edd and Dom was if magic weapons have a damage bonus cap of +1, but they can have added effects or charges per day.

E.g. Gravenail dagger, +1 dagger, Magic dagger all on a level
and more powerful item would be +1 dagger with 'Elemental Enchantment Fire 2'' x5/day

Limiting by threshold doesn't work because of the event set up we have, you can get to 60 in a heart beat and thats 3 thresholds in. +3 damage at 60 skill is insane.
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Re: Impending Rules Changes (V7 warning)

Postby Alexander Drago » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:11 pm

Ben wrote:
additionally, weapon proficiencies will cost 15, 20, 25, 30 etc, for melee weapons

Yeah. As we said, we're really trying to cut down on the damage calls: It will be a big investment of skill to do more damage and hopefully this will end the perceived importance of being a Scout or Warrior with -3 to martial/stealth.

Will this mean a restat of characters or new players/any more upgrades?
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Re: Impending Rules Changes (V7 warning)

Postby Will » Wed Aug 27, 2014 3:10 pm

People will be able to respend :)
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