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The End of Magic

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 6:06 pm
by Rebecca
[reposting for Sonny]

It was Friday the 13th. Portentous. Across the world, at sunset, every magic wielding hero across the world who draws power from the jewel suddenly felt a cold shiver run through their very soul, resulting with them losing their essence in an instant. Come morning there is panic, then essence slowly returns to those whom it felt in the normal way. Yet it doesn't feel quite as it did, no longer tinged with the gift of power of magic. Magical races such as Elves, Dragonkin and Fey begin to age as the magic begins to fade...

Currently everyone can still use essence...however, no magic can be drawn from the jewel (e.g. mages, celebrants, hopeslayers, druids, knights, Elf/Telerfret/Fey/Dragonkin racials are affected and can't be used, Shirikan, bards, psychomancers and non-casters are fine). Spirit Blades are also affected, they still have their chi but can't draw power from the jewel.
Sense Magic senses almost nothing, the background magic of the world seems to be gone. However, magical items, scrolls, potions, creatures still radiate magic.