The Best Magic School in Redfield

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The Best Magic School in Redfield

Postby rachel » Wed May 30, 2018 10:57 pm

"It's no good, Anya. I'll never learn this spell."
Davad ran a hand through his hair in frustration, glaring at the unmarked stack of bricks they had built to practice with.
"Of course you will!" Anya purposefully ignored the unconvinced look from her friend Sarah, who sat on a battered chair on the other side of the room, and smiled encouragingly. "You just need to think about fire. Imagine flames consuming the bricks into dust. You've seen a campfire haven't you?"
"Of course!"
"Well, just concentrate on that, and then twist the strands of magic you can feel into the flames you see, and throw them at the bricks."
Davad groaned. "I can't see magic like you do. It's not fair, you make it sound so easy."
"It is easy." Sarah put her feet up on a nearby table and continued eating her apple. "Anya learnt how to do this in a battle."
Anya looked embarrassed. "Well it's amazing what you notice when someone is trying to kill you..."
"Shut up the pair of you!" Davad threw up his hands in exasperation and spun round towards Sarah. An arc of bright flames flew from his fingers, crashing into the table and setting it alight. Cursing, Sarah leapt up, dropping her apple core in her haste.
"There you are!" Despite the growing damage, Anya grinned broadly. "I knew you could do it!"
"The table's on bloody fire, An!"
"Ah, yes." She rushed to the corner of the room where they kept two buckets of water, and grabbed the nearest one. As she threw it over the roaring flames she wondered if there was a spell that could create water in the same way she knew how to create fire. She had heard of one that shaped liquid into a strong jet that could knock people off their feet, but was that the same..?
"Are you deaf old woman? You ain't going in!"
The shouts of her foster sister, Chrissy, from outside the closed door, brought her abruptly back to reality. Crossing the room quickly, she opened it. In front of her stood Chrissy, drawn up to her full height and ready to punch someone. Beyond her was the Mayor of Redfield, sensible enough to stay out of reach but certainly not considering backing down.
"I have the right to enter any property I see fit in order to keep the peace."
"It ain't none of your business, you nosy wraith! My sister said she don't want you in here pocking your rotting nose about, and if you take another step, I'm gonna..."
"Chrissy." Anya gently placed her hand on her shoulder, bracing herself for a punch. Luckily, for once her sister registered who she was before she lashed out.
"It's alright, An, I've got this. She ain't gonna cause no trouble for you."
Anya winced. "Yes, well, um, perhaps I should just listen to what she has to say."
"I've had reports that you've been torturing people in here." The Mayor stepped forward. "Screams have been heard from this building. And fire's been seen."
"Ah. Yes. I can see that might seem worrying." Anya tried desperately to think of a way she could explain without making it sound worse. "You see, um, we've been practicing spells that hurt people. Not actually damage them, just make them feel... pain. It's actually a very useful spell; you can render a person completely unable to do anything for about 5 minutes, and then afterwards they are completely unharmed. Well, apart from the fact that it's quite unpleasant..."
The mayor looked unimpressed. "Sounds like torture to me."
"We do get consent from people before we practice on them. And we do healing too. A lot of healing. Far more than death magic spells."
"Aye, for free. Since you've started your 'school' we've had hordes of down and outs coming for your free healing, and often enough then they won't leave. We've barely enough trade for the people who live here, 'specially with the Everni stopping us entering the forest, we can't have you giving out things for nothing."
"A lot of the villagers come to us for healing too," pointed out Anya carefully. "We don't charge them either. And some of our magic has been quite useful to you. Like sending messages back and forth to Dawn. And repairing all your tools for rebuilding the village."
"Hmm." The Mayor narrowed her eyes. "That's true enough, but I'm telling you now, Redfield can't cope with any more beggars or 'students' or people who can't pay their way with rava. You'll get the food and supplies we've agreed, but that's it. If you want more you'll have to start charging for your lessons. Good day."
Anya sighed at her retreating back. She'd already had to give up her bed today to a man who'd walked 40 miles with a broken arm and three broken ribs because he couldn't afford healing anywhere else, and earlier this afternoon a woman with a young child had turned up begging for them to cure his sickness. And that wasn't including the two apprenticeships she'd offered to her former orphanage, or replacing the furniture Davad had destroyed. "We need money."
Chrissy shrugged. "Don't we always."
"Sponsorship. That's what we want. Someone to give us money because they like the work we do."
Chrissy's snort of contempt showed exactly what she thought of the likeliness of that idea. "You live in a dream world, An."
"Maybe. Probably." Anya wasn't sure that was such a bad thing. Other people didn't seem to mind that they couldn't see the strands of magic that constantly surrounded them, but they didn't know what they were missing. "I'll just have to get another sorcerer job."
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