A Map, You Say?

The lands of the human tribes and Beastmen which now encompass the entire north of the continent of Pargon where once lay the land of Gweria
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A Map, You Say?

Postby Peter Levy » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:08 pm

"Monroe? I Have never heard of him. Should I have heard of him?"
"I'm not sure, mister..."
"Tetrax. Nesasio Tetrax."
"Right, Tetrax, sir. But, he's been saying a whole lot of stuff about your peoples's home and that."
"And what sort of thing does this Monroe have to say about the home of my people? Does he not know it is cursed?"
"Well, I don't know nothing about curses, but he says it's full of treasures!"
"The treasures of my people have become quite meaningless to those of us who remain."
"Mister Monroe, sorry, Major Monroe, doesn't seem to care much for it, neither."
"No, sir. He wants someone to get a thing for him. Something about a Void and the past..."
"What manner of 'something' is it that this Major Monroe wishes retrieved from the homeland of my people?"
"A map."
"Interesting... Well, you will be pleased to know that I have examined your father thoroughly and I can assure you than his ailment is not a Daemonic possession. It is a simple decay of the mind that comes with age."
"Thank you very much, Mister. Thank you."

The girl helped her father to his feet and they left without another word. Tetrax slumped into his chair and adjusted his spectacles. He was sure there was some connection between his work and an old map; but couldn't quite place it... Perhaps he would see about finding this Monroe chap.

"Issss Massster hungry..?"
"What a peculiar question you are asking me... No, I am not hungry, thank you. You may go. Do not harm the people of this village."

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