Making money

The lands of the human tribes and Beastmen which now encompass the entire north of the continent of Pargon where once lay the land of Gweria
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Making money

Postby rachel » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:33 pm

"Five rava," Anya beamed brightly.
The older woman did not smile back. "Three."
"Three?!" Anya looked down at peasant crumpled between them. "He's in a lot of pain."
As if to prove her point the man groaned. "For Eremine's sake, just pay her, Lil."
"Fine. Four. But you're getting nothing till you've done the spell." The woman stepped back, arms folded, and Anya suddenly wondered if she was going to get paid at all. But there was nothing for it but to continue to pretend that this was how she made her living.
Reaching into her bag she pulled out her spell book and began to consult it. If it was possible Lil looked even less impressed.
"What's that?"
"It's got the magic words I need in it."
Lil snorted. "Other healer didn't need no book."
The other healer probably hadn't charged so little either, reflected Anya as she closed the book and turned her gaze to the man's broken leg. White bone protruded out from red raw skin and she felt a bit sick. Trying to sound confident, she chanted loudly.
"Powers of life flow through me and heal this wound!"
As she did so she pulled at the pale white strings she could see in her mind's eye, using them to knit the flesh together, to push the bone back into place and fuse it whole again. It was like singing a half remembered song; she couldn't quite recall the notes, but as she heard them she knew they were right.
The man let out a huge sigh of relief and lay back on the ground. "Thank you!"
"It was only a broken bone," said Lil, grudgingly handing Anya four coins. "Not like she saved your life."
Anya grinned at the heavy, reassuring weight of money in her pocket. She wondered what it would be like to heal someone who was dying, to watch their life-blood drain from their body and know that as you watched you were running out of time. It was an experience she would probably know sooner rather than later. But for now she had enough money for a meal at a tavern, and as she hadn't yet eaten that day, that itself was reason to celebrate.
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