A Fiery Drink

Capital: Damntown. Ruler: Damn. Lying to the south-east of Sinya Palurin where the forests of Arnad Guarhoth (traditional home of the Beastkin) was destroyed. A wretched hive of scum and villainy or a land of opportunity and freedom.
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A Fiery Drink

Postby Rebecca » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:10 pm

It was in Damntown that the phenomenon of burning water was observed during the days of Eloise’s passing through Velmaneth. It was not considered one of the cities of the worthy, and so she did not protect it from the worst excesses of her followers. Growing hungry without her support, a group of demons attacked with meteor strikes. The spread of flame was all but instantaneous: every puddle of rainwater in the streets had taken on the properties of turpentine. Then the fire reached certain warehouses… there was an almighty explosion, and a black powder filled the air. Slowly the citizens turned on each other. They grew frenzied and tore each other apart. The demons watched in fascination as this began to unfold, then hastily retreated.

And as suddenly as it all started, it was over. Water’s properties shifted once again. The fire was quenched, and the remaining people looked on in befuddlement at the cinders of Damntown.

Then they began looking for any alcohol not consumed in the blaze. Something of a pub sprang up. The rebuilding had commenced.
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