Water's Fall

Land of the Elves, far across the sea
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Water's Fall

Postby Peter Levy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:24 pm

Rhaedri paced the corridors of the Font of Power and Knowledge. She knew what she had found; a small blade bathed in shadows. Every layer of ritual protection she laid had been effective. The castle of water between her and its power, the frost burn upon its handle to prevent anything grasping it, the power to freeze the mind of any entity attempting to use magic through it against her, the soothing chill in the area to calm evil thoughts. She had been so careful as she purified the poison upon the blade, as she corroded the metal and captured its shadow in a brass urn, as she reintegrated the blade encased in ice. Whatever was in there couldn't have gone anywhere else.

Everything had gone well.

But then one day Rhaedri dropped down dead.

In searching for answers, the Font looked into the knife and the urn. The knife was once more in pieces within its icy case. The urn was empty. More worrying, the urn had always been empty. It had been sabotaged, and part of something dark had hidden within the water elf these past few years. Until a power stretched out from Sinya Palurin, guided by a high elf, and cast it back into the Wastes where it belonged.

Whatever the shadow was, it had taken its toll on Rhaedri, amd its cleansing had cost her life.

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