The Font Overthrown

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The Font Overthrown

Postby Rebecca » Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:46 am

It has been a little over two months since the bloodless coup against the elven state. This is how the tale goes.

Having issued writs of execution for their own Sentinel and her companion V’jelathil Coshwood, elven high command were shocked by their immediate arrival on their doorstep. To their horror, the elves of the Font found themselves stripped of their essence an unable to wield a single spell against their enemies. They fled, and barricaded themselves inside their fortress whence they would later be dragged out.

Those present that day say that, of the oldest remaining Lords, those who had once been most trusted of Erathil seemed to blanch and stay their hand at the Sentinel’s arrival. It was as if they recognised her, having associated another name with her face. These elves she took aside and spoke to in confidence. When they emerged, they had agreed to support her. She declared herself Sentinel Regent of the elven nation. A council handpicked by her would assist her in ruling. Once the elves learnt to live in harmony with the other races of their world, she would depart. In future, true elections could be held.

On charges of crimes against Velmaneth, the leadership of the Font were tried. They had sought to hoard the power of the Jewel for themselves, and in so doing had unleashed Oblivion’s hunger upon it, destabilising it and threatening the very existence of magic in the world. Magic, which flowed like blood in the veins of all elves. Once Imliss and her allies had restored that power, the Font had attempted to restrict access to it and establish a new elven supremacy. For a time, the possibility of a new war had loomed on the horizon. The Font’s senior-most member was executed, his death used to power a ritual destined to return prince Caspian to life. Imliss declared herself this one’s guardian, and he has not been seen since. Rumour has it that she keeps him quarantined and under observation due to some mysterious illness.

Once the doors of the Font where battered down it became clear that no true power remained there. Their Well had atrophied and shut itself. They had maintained power only through posturing and the theft of magic. It was then that plans for a new institution of magic were laid down. The Sentinel Regent announced the creation of the White Ark, a place of learning and magic that would further knowledge for all races the better to protect our common world.

Finally, one last measure was announced: the creation of a new Well to study the disturbances currently sensed within the Jewel. Every second it flicks from life to death and back again; the necessity of achieving a better understanding of the binding forged between the Jewel of Velmaneth and its shadow in the Hopewastes cannot be denied. As per the principles of the White Ark, arcanists of all peoples may join the endeavour.

Today, magic arcs like lightning over all of Velmaneth, strong enough that even the untrained may sense it. The Well has opened on Coshwood Isle.
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