The Flowers of Youth

Land of the Elves, far across the sea
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The Flowers of Youth

Postby Rebecca » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:10 pm

On Coshwood Isle the elves rest easier: they have regained their youthful vigour. The Jewel no longer consumes their vitality to protect itself. From their Sentinel’s observatory comes the news that the Jewel shines more brightly than ever before. It has been named the True Jewel, which illuminates Velmaneth and the Hopewastes equally.
Uukumanu - ranger and spirit seeker
Tuvstarr - Black Queen of Pharon Glos
Imliss - High Elven researcher in Blood Magic
Aetheldred - Sorcerer and psychomancer, daughter of the Völva of the Blood of Alfhild

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