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Postby Will » Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:59 pm

**The Roderan Council had been convened. It was not long before all were arguing. One place was conspicuously empty. One sat and smiled occasionally, adding fairly sensible and reasoned suggestions against the rage of several of his brothers and sisters. Eventually and agreement was reached, and the smiler stood**

"Given our decision to bring war upon the Orcs once more, may I ask that I be permitted access to the Old Lore, to aid us in our efforts?"

**Raising his paws against the swift rise in volume as objections came pouring out**

"We need this war to be swift. Noore I'Meles has a reputation to uphold, and a responsibility to live up to. A prolonged war now whilst we are still recovering from previous conflicts would put us back a hundred years. This must be resolved soon..."

**Accross the country, armies stirred. From the depths of the mountains the Orcs came, arranging themselves in organised units. With but a word, they moved forward as one.**
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